Room ViewOctober 30, 2017

Aulani has the best elevator music I have ever heard.  Just imagine, all the classic Disney songs we love not just remixed in a Hawaiian style but in the language as well.  I’m telling you when the Hawaiian Bear Necessities comes on, I will be dancing.  I just will!

I was picked up from my house at the too bright and early time of 5:00am this morning for my first trip to Hawaii.  Since I’m just a little bit fancy and because I love Disney I’m staying at the Aulani Resort on Oahu, and boy howdy is the place amazing!  I can sum up my impressions of this place with one word, “whoa!”.  Enter the lobby: whoa!  Walk through the gardens: whoa!  See the price of the food: whoa!

After landing in Honolulu I was met at baggage claim by a couple of ladies from the resort who put me along with another family into a shuttle that dropped off us right at the entrance to the hotel.  The driver also told us where to swim with turtles on this side of the island, and which luau to attend while here.

Mickey HeadLuckily when I checked in my room was ready for me, and I was able to come right up even though it was still early in the day.  My room has a king size bed, and the bed is made tall so that you can store items underneath, like bags or unruly children.  They had also made a Mickey head out of towels, which is so cute, and came with a flower pin for my hair and a book mark.

The room also has a sofa bed, a closet that comes with a pack-and-play, and a bathroom with a DEEP tub with rain-shower shower head.  Not to mention a “dental kit” that has not just one toothbrush and toothpaste sets, but two!

ViewFor lunch I grabbed a pre-made chicken Caesar salad… for $13.00 plus tax!  I also spent $18.99 on a cup that comes with unlimited refills of soft drinks. For the price of the cup, I think I’ll have to refill it at least 20 times to make it worth my money; I believe I’m up to the challenge!  Tomorrow I’m gonna hit up a grocery store and grab some essentials so I won’t have to buy every meal.

I spent some time walking around the pool area. They have a lazy river, several pools, a couple water-slides, splash pad and kid zone, and a private beach.  And everything is entwined within a tropical garden.  So beautiful!Beach 2

I’m about to head out for a walk on the beach, and maybe swing by the lawn and catch some of the showing of “Hocus Pocus”.  And maybe I can find out where I can buy a copy of the elevator music…

Aloha until tomorrow.

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  1. Very well-written! I laughed, smiled and shared your words with the guys at work. We are all impressed. If you’d be sure to fill and bring back a little of the beverage in your bottomless cup for sharing, then we’d talking “whoa!” 😉

  2. Looks and sound wonderful!

  3. Every time I read ‘Woah’, I heard it being said as a younger, breathy Keanu Reeves in both ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ AND in ‘The Matrix’.

    Loving the read of your blog so far. Keep it comin’ lady! Thanks for sharing and helping us to live vicariously through you!

  4. So happy for you, Emily! Hope you plan to snorkle!

  5. your dry run seems like a pretty good time.. did you learn anything for the big one?

  6. Reminiscing about your Hawaii adventure

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