Getting Lazy

November 1, 2017

RiverDid you know that volcanic fog from the Big Island can migrate all the way over to Oahu making it hot and hazy?  Nope, me either.  But apparently this “vog” is what made today so stifling.  I find the best way to beat the heat is to spend a huge chunk of the day floating around the lazy river, which is how I spent my morning.

You see, the thing about vacations is that they are supposed to be relaxing, and whereas I have a couple of really booked up days, I also left myself a couple relatively free days to relax and enjoy the resort.  After my time on the river I ate lunch in my room (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to save some money) and then headed to a tour they offer called Nature and Wildlife of Aulani.  There I learned about the many uses of the kukui nut, how clothes were traditionally made from tree bark, and which fern makes good baby food.

Bird CarvingOur guide also pointed out to us that images of many native animals have been carved into the rock formations around the resort.  And the ever-important code of the flower in your hair.  (If it is behind your left ear it means you’re taken, if it’s behind the right it means your single and ready to mingle!)

The IslandsShe also showed us a sculpture in the koi pond that of the Hawaiian Islands; since all the islands were created by volcanic activity they are all connect below the surface of the water.  The sculpture shows how they are all connected.

I also stopped by the gift shop to see if I could find some souvenirs to bring back for my family, and I happy to announce that now that that pesky Halloween holiday is out of the way the Christmas items have come in!

I’ve also been in search of a dessert with lilikoi (passion fruit); unfortunately, the only Shave Iceone they have here is syrup for their shaved ice.  Although I did get a lead from one of the cast members about a cheesecake at the ABC Market across the street, so I might need to do an outing for that soon!  In the mean time I decided to go ahead and get the shaved ice and sit to watch the ocean as I ate it.  Its I tough life, man!  (Just a note to the wise, the Mickey ears are cute, but unwieldy.)

Then I headed back to the room and got to do something I’ve wanted to since I got here.  Sit on the lanai and read my book.  It is beautiful out there!  And because I’m on the mountain side of the resort it’s quiet too.  There is also so nice music that drifts up.

Speaking of music, I found the elevator music on iTunes!  If anyone wants to check it out it is under the very concise title of “Mele from Aunty’s House Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa”.  I believe that it also on Amazon and Spotify.  Ten out of ten, would recommend.

SpaI’ve ended the day with a signature lomilomi massage in the spa.  It is hands down the most expensive massage I’ve ever had, but it was also amazing!  They told me to come at least an hour before the service to enjoy the “garden”, I’m telling you here and now… come way earlier than an hour in advance!  The garden is private area with hot tubs, an ice cold splash tub, six different rain showers, a reflexology path, sauna, steam room, and relaxation rooms.  The garden is co-ed, but I only saw two other people the whole time I was in there.  And the massage might just have been the best one I’ve ever gotten!  I would suggest getting the cheapest service you think you’d enjoy and then come way early and enjoy the garden and relaxation rooms.  I mean like early enough that the people working there even thinks it’s weird.  And don’t worry, they put out snacks and drinks so you’re all set.

All in all, a very restful day!  It’s still pretty early in the evening here, I might go for a walk in the garden or maybe just relax in the room and spend a little more time reading.

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  1. Your blogs and information and your pictures are incredible. You are making me want to go to Hawaii even more now. I’ve never been. Great job.

  2. Ok, I’m sold. Where do I sign up?

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