It’s here!  It’s finally here!

I woke up way too early this morning, after falling asleep way too late last night!  I guess I was just too excited to sleep!  I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, and now that it’s finally here!

It’s a little overwhelming to think that when I left the house this morning I wouldn’t be back for weeks and weeks.  Life is made of mixed emotions, and for me right now those emotions are excited, nervous, happy, and tired.  Okay, so tired isn’t really an emotion, but boy howdy, am I feeling it right now!

My aunt picked me up this morning and dropped me off at the airport.  She is one of those rare individuals that actually enjoys taking people to the airport, and for that we are all grateful!  Plus, our conversations are always fun.

FeetRight after I checked into my flight I got a FaceTime call from my sweet sister-in-law, and low and behold my brother and his family had driven all the way to the airport just to see me off!  What a wonderful, amazing surprise!

The kids had all written me cards to read on the plane, I’m sure I’ll read them many, many times over in the coming weeks.  Thank you, guys, so much for coming, I can’t tell you how much I love you!

I have the best family ever!

I’m travelling with two checked bags this trip, one has my stuff in it and one has my bum ankle’s stuff in it.  The airline I was flying charged for each check bag, so I was looking at a charge of $60! Here’s a pro tip for ya: check for upgrades when you check into your flight.  I was able to upgrade to business class for less than $54 which got me two free checked bags, a better seat, and a nice lunch. And it saved me six whole dollars! Do you know how much that will get me at the Dollar Store?  Like six things!  I could decorate for a whole party with that kind of budget!

Plus, when you fly business class you get to board first; which means you get to sit and watch all the other folks on the flight file past.  And had I not upgraded I would not have seen the most luscious mustache ever grown.  I actually think it might have been fake, I’ve never seen anything like it!  It was like Ron Swanson’s mustache and Tom Selleck’s mustache had a baby that outgrew them both.  If only I had been able to get a picture!

DisneylandI got my first view of Disneyland from the plane window, which is pretty darn cool!

ElephantWhen I checked into my hotel they had a nice little towel elephant on the bed.  Story time: A few years ago I went on a cruise with my good friend, every day they would put out a new towel-animal.  We kept just the heads of the animals on a shelf in our room.  Every time I see a towel-animal I think of her, and how cool it is to have a friend who also thinks its completely normal to keep a towel-animal trophy head collection.

RoomAfter checking in, I ran to the market across the street to pick up some drinks (and some chips and salsa for dinner), and finally I’m just here chillin’.  I know that with a trip like this, and an ankle like mine I really need to pace myself, which means resting up my ankle whenever possible.  Tonight will be just that: resting up!  And tomorrow I catch a morning shuttle to Universal Studios where I will spend so many hours making my little nerd heart happy!

Butterbeer, here I come!

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  1. Eeeeeeeekkkk! So excited for you!

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