So many rides!

Fun fact! The street address for Disneyland is 1313; M is the thirteenth letter in the alphabet, so when Walt Disney chose the address he paid homage to Mickey Mouse by using his initials.

In the same vein, to honor Mickey I went on 13 rides today. I am so cool!

Full confession here, I opted to rent a scooter today. I brought along a knee scooter, but after riding it the .75 miles to the resort I realized I couldn’t do a twelve-hour day just on the scooter. The scooter is pretty new to me; riding it requires my right side to carry my weight the majority of the time.  Because of my bad ankle I’ve been favoring my right side for a good 12 years and its just not strong enough right now.  The good news is that I build muscle pretty fast, so it won’t be long until I’m riding it all day.  But today needed an electric scooter.

Star ToursAs soon as I got into the park I hightailed it to Tomorrow Land and walked right into Star Tours. That has never happened for me before! It was so cool too, we were in one of the battles from The Last Jedi. I’m not saying we saved the day, but I think you know we did.

Then it was right on over to Space Mountain.  I mean, what can you say about Space Mountain?  It is will always be one of the best rides in the park.

MatterhornAt that point I had gotten a FastPass for Matterhorn Bobsleds via FastPass Max, which I got through the Disney App. It does cost, but only $10 so nothing too outrageous. And I thought it was great to be able to get FastPasses without running all over the park, just to run all over the park again to use them.  Guys, this is a great option.

I shared my bobsled with a lovely lady who has the same habit as me on thrill rides, to laugh the whole time. Her young daughter was on the ride for the first time, who also laughs! I would have gladly followed them around all day just so I could hear them laugh on all the rides. So much joy!

Fun Fact! Walt went on vacation to the alps, while there he sent a postcard of the real Matterhorn Mountain to his Imagineers Vic Greene that simply said, “Vic, build this.”

ToontownI had little time before the next FastPass so I thought I’d make a stop by Toontown for a little Rodger Rabbit Cartoon Spin.  After the ride I took a spin around the neighborhood.  I totally dig the whole cartoon vibe of Toontown, and on a really hot day you can spend as much time as you want sitting in Mickey’s living room because being a SoCal mouse you know Mickey’s got air conditioning.  Fair warning, the chairs look comfy, but they are actually hard plastic.

I would like to point out here that I went right past it’s a small world.  My last experience there was not the best… we got stuck for over a half hour in the finally room.  This means that music crescendo’d about every forty-five seconds, and just to add insult to injury we could see the exit but couldn’t get to it!  So um yea, I’m feel like I’ve fulfilled my small world obligations for many years.

Fun fact! The gold the decorates the outside of it’s a small world is not metallic paint, but is actual gold leaf.  Because of the durability of gold, it is actually more cost effective to use the real thing rather than repainting all time.  Plus, it sparkles so prettily!

Big ThunderOnto Thunder Mountain!  Even thought I had a FastPass I did use the handicapped entrance on this one.  Little shout out here, I’ve found that the cast members at Big Thunder Mountain are consistently the nicest folks to those using the handicapped options. They are kind, and fun, and accommodating.  Really, super nice!  The cast member asked me if I had a preference of seats and I just said whatever works, he put me in the first seat of the second car on our train. According to him it’s the best seat on the train because the “show” part of the ride is timed to that seat.  That’s a new piece of information I didn’t know before today.  Thank you, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad cast member!

Blue BayouIt was time to go over my favorite land!  New Orleans square. It is seriously my favorite land to hang out in!  The detail around the area is amazing, not to mention Pirates of the Caribbean.  It is such a staple ride at Disneyland.  By the way, if you can ever splurge eating in Blue Bayou is totally worth it!

I had sprung for a park hopper passes, so I decided to hop parks and go to California Adventure.

Cars LandAs one does, I headed straight to the Cars ride.  This time I took the single rider option and ended up sitting next to two self-proclaimed “old ladies” who had the time of their lives.  I know you’re all wondering… and yes, we won the race.  But it was close the whole time; we really just pulled it out in the end.  No matter how it happened, we now have unequivocal proof that I’m a winner.

I grabbed a corndog and some sunscreen on my way to use a FastPass for Soarin’. One of those items was for wearing, the other for consuming.  I’ll let you figure out which is which.

Disneyland CastleThen I hopped back to Disneyland and headed to Fantasyland to go on Peter Pan.  Another staple of Disneyland!  While waiting for the ride, I got to see Mary Poppins and Bert ride the carousel. I think we’re all lucky that we didn’t get transported into another dimension filled with dancing, cartoon penguins.

Fun Fact!  The carousel used to have one white horse, but it was so popular that they painted all the horses white in 1975.

Additional Fun Fact!  King Arthur’s Carousel is the oldest ride in Disneyland.  Before being acquired by Disneyland in 1954 it was in use at Sunnyside Beach Park in Toronto since 1922.  But it was originally built in 1875.

DessertI had booked a dining package at the River Belle Terrace, so I headed over there for an early dinner.   I was at a great table for crowd watching and the food was hardy and filling.  The dining package comes with a three-course prefixed menu, but more importantly killer seating for Fantasmick!

I had a post-dinner FastPass for Indiana Jones. Obviously, they had heard about my win at the Cars ride, because they put me in the driver’s seat.  It was a good choice on their part, because despite all the obstacles, I was able to get us out of the temple without any casualties.  Okay, so what is funny is that the driver’s seat has a steering wheel that doesn’t move, and you have no choice but to grab the wheel to stabilize yourself; you also can’t help but try to turn the wheel as the road curves.  Its just second nature to anyone that drives, but it makes you feel a little bit dumb after a while.

Fun Fact! The jeep that you see in line for the Indian Jones is the actual one used in Raider of the Lost Ark.  In fact, it’s the one that Indie gets dragged under.

Small World from trainI had some time before the big show, so I decided to ride the train loop from New Orleans Square.  I spent half of the ride sitting next to a wonderful lady from Connecticut, she was on a trip with her whole family. It was a retirement gift from her four sons and their families.  She asked me why I was at the park alone and I told her about my trip.  After chatting for a while she told me that she has macular degeneration and is slowly going blind about 20 years earlier than it normally happens.  She talked about the places she wants to go, and the things she wants to see before she can’t see anything anymore.  One of the amazing things that happens when you travel alone are the people that you meet.  The moments you share with strangers can be some of the best moments.

Jungle Cruise at NightI was able to get one more ride in before and decided it was time to see the back side of water, so I headed to Jungle Cruise.  I mean, what can you say about Jungle Cruise?  I love the jokes!  I do.  I know some people think they’re corny… but what can I say?  I enjoy a good pun.  Unfortunately, I can’t think of any right now.

Time for Fantasmick!  Because of my dining package I had a seat in a roped off area right at center stage (so to speak).  I shared my unobstructed view via FaceTime with a niece, nephew, and sister-in-law.  It was so fun! I think I spent more time watching their faces than the show.  I mean, Mickey is great and all, but they are way cuter.  It was so cool that I got the share the show, I love technology!

Castle from Tomorrow Land 2At this point I had 12 rides down and one to go; enter FastPass Max!  As soon as the show was over I burned rubber out of New Orleans Square, cut through Frontier Land, and through Fantasyland, back to Tomorrow Land and onto Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.  My score was 24,900. I’m obviously not a sharp shooter.

It was a fun filled day, and I was gone from 9:00 in the morning until about 9:15 at night.  I’m definitely ready to go to bed, and dream about going back to the park tomorrow!

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