Today will be coming to you two parts. First my regular daily diary that I’m writing now, and then tomorrow they’ll be a additional  covering Disneyland After Dark.

Knowing that I was gonna be having a super late night I gave myself a lazy morning and didn’t head to the parks until about noon. Today I’ve been using my knee scooter. It’s been going alright, some muscle soreness, and some calluses that need to be built up, but so far so good!  I first went to California Adventure because I would be spending all my time there this evening for Disney After Dark.

Pacific WarfI first on the agenda was lunch! Mainly because I was waiting for a FastPass, but also because I wanted the Chinese chicken salad in a bread bowl from Pacific Warf Cafe. Everyone has the foods they have to get at Disney; for some it’s the popcorn, for others the corn dogs, for me it’s the Chinese chicken salad in a bread bowl. Yeah, I’m normal.

Not a Bread BowlI asked if they could put my meal in a bag because that’s easier to deal than a tray when you’re trying to also steer a knee scooter, so they gave it to me “to go”. Apparently, that means my Chinese chicken salad in a bread bowl was not in a bread bowl. That’s okay though! I walked out of there with my very own full loaf of bread and a bunch of butter to go with it. Late night snack anyone?

After that I headed to Midway Mania. This was actually the first time on this ride. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would! As we established yesterday I am not a sharp shooter, so my score is nothing to brag about. Hey wait! You weren’t there! You’ll never be able to prove I didn’t get the highest score of the day. Nix that last statement, I got the highest score they’ve ever seen. They wanted to take my picture and build a monument to my greatness, but I told them that I’m much too humble for that.  Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Pixar movie was about a plucky girl with a limp and an crack shot!

Anyway, back to my day. I had a little time to spare before my next FastPast so I went in the single rider line for Radiator Springs Racers. We didn’t win this time, but I was in the back seat, so that’s probably why.

King TritonThen it was over to The Arial ride, another first for me. The weirdest thing about that ride is that all the characters have plastic hair except for King Triton who’s rocking a head and face of real hair. Where’s your continuity, California Adventure?

Then onto another ride I hadn’t been on before, Goofy’s sky school. A fun little roller coaster, a bit jarring but had some fun drops.

Harold the YetiI wasted a bunch of time just hanging out. Rolling around and sitting around, and finally going on the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. It was my first time on the ride since it was revamped from the Tower of Terror. The mechanics of the ride are pretty much the same, I actually think there might be more drops now. But they only give you the view of the park once.  This was a tough change, I really liked the old Tower of Terror but I understand that things have to change sometimes. I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved to the whole Hollywood Land area into a Marvel theme.  In any case, the ride is still just as fun.  Plus they have dance offs in front of the ride three times a day.  To explain this picture a bit, the ride take place in The Collectors base, and we go to the back-storage area on the way to the elevators. I loved the fact that they had the original Harold the Yeti from the Matterhorn stored there.

Cozy Cone MotelFrom there I went to Cars Land to be there for the sunset light up. If you haven’t done it before it should t be missed! They light up all the neon lights  down the road exactly like they did in the movie. It’s darn magical!

DinnerThat is where I am right now, sitting on a bench surrounded by neon lights and fifties music. From here I’ll head to Disneyland for a dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup at the Jolly Holiday Cafe, maybe a macron. Then I have a FastPass for Space Mountain.

The next time you hear from me will be after Disney After Dark!

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