Now it’s time to say goodbye…

I went to the park today with a specific list of things I wanted to make sure I got done on my last day; and I accomplished my goal! Way to go me!

GraveyardFirst thing on the list was going on the Haunted Mansion. It has been closed for refurbishment and today was the first time it was opened again.  I set up a FastPass as soon as I walked in the park, and headed straight to it. I was moving a little slow today because I chose to walk instead of scoot.  When that FastPass had been redeemed I set up another one for about an hour and a half later, also for the Haunted Mansion.  I hadn’t been on the non- Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion since I was a teenager, so I was really looking forward to the nostalgia of it all.  It was pretty great.

Frites & JulepNext on the list was to eat a Monte Cristo sandwich.  I headed to Café Orleans, waited about 15 minutes for a table and then about another half hour for the sandwich itself.  Unfortunately, by the time it came out I had filled up on pomme frites (with garlic and cheese, so good!) and mint julep so I was only able to eat a quarter of it.  Its probably because I’m dainty and stuff.

Then was my second go around at the Haunted Mansion.  It was exactly like I had remembered it… from a couple hours before.

Dole WhipThings three and four on the list go together… Tiki Room and Dole whip.  But as I was still stuffed from lunch I wasted some time in Frontierland instead.  Just sitting there, watching the people walk by.  Browsing a shop, buying new sunglasses.  I also went over to the castle to take the requisite selfie by the castle.  There was a hilarious moment when it seemed like it my possibility rain a little bit, and people were freaked out.  It was that kind of non-rain rain, where you feel wetness in the air, but no drops of rain; what we Oregonians might call “refreshing”.  Guests all around me were talking about which rides would be shut down, and trying to get under cover.   It was one of those moments when I glad I’m not actually delicate and stuff.

Finally,  I headed over for my delicious Dole whip, and high-class entertainment.Tiki Room  After singing like the birdies sing I went over to the Matterhorn.  I decided that   it would be the perfect last ride for my time here in Disneyland.  I was in line behind a trio of nerd girls, and I thoroughly enjoyed eavesdropping on the conversation debating Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.  (Being a nerd girl myself, I am familiar with both the point and counter point.)  The ride itself was great as always; Harold the Yeti growled, nerd girls screamed, I laughed.  Just the way a thrill ride is supposed to go.

Train StationI did one final lap of Main Street and admired the train station once last time, then I headed back to the hotel.  Sure, not the longest day ever, but with how much I was able to do in the parks over the last couple of days I feel pretty good about being able to accomplish those things that were still on my mental list.  This evening I have big plans of doing laundry in the hotel machines, and then packing up again.  What can I say?  I’m nothing if not a party animal.

Chances are that there won’t be a posting tomorrow as it will just be a travelling day.  I mean if something really great happens I’ll definitely let you know.  If not, I’ll see ya Sunday.

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  1. Dole whip- YAS!

  2. Reading the header of this alone, has left me singing “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men. No thanks for that! Ha! But I do ove the recount of your visit! If I could, I’d love to nibble my way through the day as I experience all the parts of each little cove that this place has to offer while taking in the sights! Gotta try some legit dole whip!

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