Happy travel day, ya’ll!  Fair warning, there will only be a couple pictures this time around.  I mean, I could have taken pictures of airport gate signs, but I feel like that’s not exactly exciting.  Instead I’ll tell you about my flights across the country, talk about riveting!

I got up nice and early, because I’d rather have time to make sure I have everything ready instead of feeling completely stressed.  For breakfast I ate left over Monte Cristo; gotta say, not as good the next day.

My shuttle came at about 8:15 and we headed to the airport.  LAX is so big!  I feel like we drove two miles around the airport just to get to the four airlines our shuttle was dropping off at.  All that really matters is that I got to United Airlines, and checked in.  Well, I had a little issue getting checked in; the company that booked my flights around the world didn’t quite get all the flights linked, so it flags me.  I just need to get a hold of them and get that remedied before fly out of Orlando.

Airport LunchI grabbed a quick lunch at the airport, two tiny tacos with beans and rice, and a drink for eighteen bucks! Well, not all airports can be Portland Airport, you know.

My flight was delayed, which is always scary, especially since I had to catch a connection in Houston.  By the time I got off the plane in Houston I only had five minutes to get from Terminal E to Terminal C before the next flight started loading.  I stopped to check the gate with one of the employees and he put me on a cart with another couple that was also going to Terminal C.  I got there just in time!  I am so thankful for that little bit of help!  As we were driving through the airport I realized there would not have been able to gimp across the airport in time.

Then the cherry to top it off: the middle seat in my row was empty on the next flight!  Oh, that little bit of breathing room can make all the difference.  The other person in my row was a girl from Auckland who was traveling over to work for six months at Disney World.  The opportunity was offered through her University and she decided “why not?”.  A girl after my own heart.  As we were getting off the plane she started talking to another girl, also from New Zealand, also working at Disney for the next six months.  It’ll be nice for them to know somebody on Monday when their training starts.

From there I went straight down to the Disney Magic Shuttle. I didn’t even have to pick up my bags because they will do that for me.  I had to get special tags from them, but all in all it was really easy.  My bags aren’t actually here yet, so I guess I can’t really say that yet… now I’m nervous!  Oh well, nothing I can do now but wait and see.

All Star Music RoomI was able to skip the front desk because I had checked in online. Disney sent me a text with my room number this morning, and as long as I have my Magic Band I was able to just walk in.  I grabbed a piece of pizza at the food court in the hotel and headed to my room.  Which is where I am now.  It’s a pretty normal room.

I am staying in the All-Star Music Resort, which is one of their value hotels.  This is definitely looks and smells like a less expensive hotel, but it comes with many of the accoutrements of a Disney Resort Hotel.  That includes being able to charge everything from food to souvenirs to your room, having purchases delivered directly to your room from the parks, and a shuttle bus between the different areas of Disney World.

BroadwayaThe All-Star Music Resort has buildings that are named after types of music (e.g. Calypso, Jazz, Country, etc.)  But its like they knew me!  They put me in the Broadway section!

Or Bradway, depending on which side of the sign you look at.

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