Wake up, me amigos, it’s showtime!

I decided that today I would spend time doing something that I hardly ever do at Disneyland, and that was to go to all the shows.  If you’ve been reading along, you know that I love the rides!  Because that is my focus, generally the only show I go to in Disneyland is the Tiki Room.  But today, I caught every show I could in the Magic Kingdom.

Well, to be fair the shows don’t generally start right at opening, so first I went on Big Thunder.  Much like in Disneyland, cast members were very nice.  For handicapped folks you enter through the exit, and a cast member will ask you if you’re able to walk some.  Since I can, they asked me to park the scooter and then walked me into the ride, and gave me the final seat in train.  It was a wild ride!  There was one point that really looked like I was going to hit my head.  Then I remembered that people much taller than me have ridden it without being concussed so I’d be just fine.

MK Haunte MansionI also had a FastPass to use on the Haunted Mansion, so that was the next stop.  For this one, they just have you stay to one side and then ask you to be the last one to enter and leave the stretching room. If you’re able to walk they’ll have you park the scooter, and then they move it to the exit for you.  If you can’t walk, I believe that they stop the ride; I think we’ve all been on the ride when it has stopped for a minute or two.  A lot of the Haunted Mansion is exactly like the one in Disneyland, except it is a little bit longer, with the addition of a gallery, library, and music room; many of the effects here are the same ones you get in line at Disneyland.  Of course, the biggest difference is that the stretching room.  In Disneyland, you are on a large elevator and in Magic Kingdom the ceiling rises.  On a side note, I like that they in Magic Kingdom they moved away from the antebellum style architecture, that is more common to the South, and leaned more to a gothic style.

From there I went full force into the shows!  Most of the shows have you roll your scooter into the room, and then have a place for you to pull in.  Usually that means the back row, except Tiki Room which puts you right in the front.

MK PresidentsThe first show I saw was Hall of Presidents.  I haven’t been in Hall of Presidents since I was a kid, and then I just thought of it as where we went so that my mom could grab a quick nap.  Seeing it as an adult is completely different, it’s actually very inspiring.  It is a little unsettling when they are introducing them in order, and each animatronic president nods at his name.  Even with that little bit of weirdness I would totally recommend it; to avoid napping, I’d suggest going in the morning before you’re tired from a day walking.

MK Grey StuffAfter that I had an early lunch reservation at Be Our Guest, which is a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant.  This place fills up quick, so if you want to eat here be sure to get a reservation.  If you can’t get a reservation in advance the first time you try, keep checking.  People can cancel up to 24 hours in advance, so there is always a chance something will open up.  You check in at the bottom gate where they give you a menu.  From there you cross over the bridge and into the rocky base of the castle, where you’ll stand in line to order.  Their hope in giving you the menu outside the building is that you’ll know what you want by the time you get to the counter.  After ordering you seat yourself in one of the three dining rooms.  The largest room is the ball room, it has large “windows” where you can watch the snow fall. The second room as a centerpiece of Belle and Beast dancing with pictures from the movie adorning the walls.  The final room is definitely the coolest and is the West Wing.  It even has the rose under glass, and painting of the prince that had been slashed by the Beast.  Unfortunately, it is also the smallest room and hard to get a seat in. (I ended up in the ballroom.) Your waiter will bring your food on a cart covered in a glass dome, interestingly they have to use a fingerprint to unlock the cover.  And before you ask, yes, I tried the grey stuff; and yes, it was delicious.

From there I spent a little time tooling around the monstrosity that is Fantasyland, just trying to get a good idea of how it all works together, and trying to find Mickey’s Philharmagic. You’ll want a FastPass for this one too, it gets packed!  If you don’t get it on the app, they have kiosks outside.  I don’t recall seeing those kiosks anywhere else, so I’m thinking they fill up for every show.  It is a 3D cartoon about Donald taking Mickey’s wizard hat and getting swept up into a bunch of our favorite musical numbers.  I’d rate this a “Very hard not to sing along with”.

MK MuppetsFrom there I went to Liberty Square to catch the Muppets presenting a great moment in American history.  Which they did with style and panache! (Panache provided by Miss Piggy.)  Today’s presentation was about the Declaration of Independence. I wouldn’t really call the show educational, but it was entertaining.

After that I caught another show from my childhood, The Country Bear Jamboree.  It was exactly how I remembered it!  Complete with a bear on a swing dropping down from the ceiling, which I thought was so cool as a kid.  Although, the look Max gave me when I walked out was a little unnerving…

MK TikiJust up a ramp from there was the Tiki Room.  The line for that isn’t nearly as cool as the waiting area for the one at Disneyland, and the Dole Whip is next door instead of in the actual waiting area, but the show is virtually the same. I did like that they have “windows” with views of island landscapes, complete with a volcano and clouds that float by. When the tikis chant here the sky turns red and the volcano blows smoke, although it doesn’t have the same cool rain effect as Disneyland; all in all, I’d say this show is spot on.

Fun Fact: The Tiki Room is Disneyland was originally supposed to be a restaurant, and is actually connected to the Jolly Holiday so that they could share the kitchen.

After that I headed to Tomrrowland to catch the Monsters’ Laugh Floor.  It is comedy show by the characters of Monsters Inc.   If you catch the show be prepared to live in fear… or hope, depending on your personality.  They choose people from the audience to talk to during the show, its fun to watch, just don’t point that camera my way!

MK TrainAfter coming out of the show, I was able to catch the end of the parade.  And then headed to main street to take a ride on the railroad.  You’d think there wouldn’t be much difference in the trains at Disneyland and Disney World, but I gotta give this one to Disneyland.  In Magic Kingdom, the seats face forward; in Disneyland they face in so that everyone has a view.  But really what puts it over the top is the Grand Canyon and Primeval murals.  Even without those extras, it was a great way to end my day in the Magic Kingdom!

Just a little side note; I came out of the bathroom at one point to find a little girl (maybe 18 months old) climbing on my scooter. (Her father was there watching, and I had the key, so it wasn’t gonna go anywhere.) I stood back and let her play for a while, she was laughing so much just to stand on the scooter. Eventually the father saw me waiting and took her off, but I tell you that was probably the most fun on a scooter ever!

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  1. I love that even your bathroom trip was noteworthy. Proves that it really is the little things that can make you happy. Sometimes, those little things are babies! Ha! I’ve been to this location before, twice. Magical every time! Hope you’re soaking up every minute! Well…minus the ‘waiting’ times! *hugs*

  2. It is so enjoyable reading about yr adventure, thanking for sharing it!

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