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Well, I’ve been to Epcot, I think I can go ahead and cancel the rest of my trip; I’ve been around the world in one day.

Epcot Globe BelowI have to say that I LOVE Epcot.  I’ve heard it’s great, but it’s hard to explain how cool it really is.  For one thing, the place is huge. Throughout the day I was able to find quite places without anyone else in them.  I saw people sitting and reading, or just looking out over the lake.  I really loved the feel of being there, especially after the craziness of the Magic Kingdom yesterday.  In Epcot I felt like I could breathe again.

I also feel like it is a park built around giving parents a break.  There are hands on learning/play areas through out the park, generally attached to, and related to the ride you just got off of.  There is a giant Starbucks almost as soon as you walk in, and World Showcase serves all kinds of adult beverages.   You could easily send your kids into a play area, and sit with your drink for a while.  They’d have fun, and you’d get a break.

Chalk 2Today they had a chalk artist on hand.  She not only was doing demonstrations, and having guests work next to her, but she also had made a very cool 3D drawing.

GardenFirst thing I did was head to ride called Living with the Earth. It is a slow-moving boat ride that takes you through the greenhouses of Epcot. The harvest from these greenhouses are actually used throughout the parks. They also farm their own fish.  They used a lot of new farming methods including vertical growing and hydroponics.  It was pretty inspiring!  It made me what to build a greenhouse of my own.  (This ride is in a building called “Land”.  When you enter the building, the elevator is to the left, if you can’t take the escalator or stairs.)

FigmentFrom there I went to Journey Into Imagination with Figment.  This ride used a dragon named Figment, music, and humor to teach me that imagination is just thinking turned upside down.  I was the only one on this ride… 4 cars that could seat six each and it was just me.  When I was leaving more people got on, but it was a hoot to ride it solo.

Mission to SpaceNext, I headed to Relaunched: Mission to Space!  I chose to do the orange side of the ride which a bit more intense.  It is supposed to be a simulator for astronauts.  On this ride you spin around to simulate g-forces, its actually pretty intense!  If you don’t want to deal with the spinning, go for the green side of the ride.

My final ride of the day was Test Track.  This one has a long wait, but I was able to do take the single rider line so my wait was cut in half.  In line for this ride you have an opportunity to design your own car.  The specs from your car are judged as you ride test track letting you know how well your car would have done in real life.  The ride is pretty fun, with a fast take off and 65 mph turns.  I can see why it had a long wait!

All the rides you can roll right up to.  No need to get out of a chair or off a knee scooter until you’re ready to load.

After this I headed into the World Showcase.  I love this!  The different architecture, souvenirs, restaurants and smells made it all wonderful. I’ll have a lot of pictures below for you to look at of each country.  My favorite was Morocco, it was truly beautiful, and the incense burning all around smelled so delicious.  I ended up eating lunch there at the Spice Road Café.  I might just have to go to Morocco for real!

Today was a great day, and felt like a break from the craziness of the parks here at Disney World. This might have been my favorite day so far.



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Emily.jpgThey also have a store that can find your family crest, and the history of your name. One they had on display was for “Emily”. This makes me sounds amazing, y’all should feel lucky to no me!  Just Kidding!

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  1. Epcot was my ultimate FAVORITE part of Disney World! Still remember the great time I had when I went in 2009 AND even further back in 2000. Glad you enjoyed it too! It really is hard to get the point across to anyone who hasn’t been…just how cool it really is. Doesn’t do it justice.

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