Packing for my ankle

My activities today will actually take place this evening.  I’ve rather enjoyed spending the day chilling out in my hotel room.  Getting ready to leave for Italy tomorrow.  Since I’ll be getting back to the room late, I probably won’t be able to write about tonight until tomorrow.  So today, I thought I’d share some information about what I brought along to help my mobility issues.  For this long trip, and with 22 days of my trip being spent in amusement parks, I really needed to pack a bunch of stuff to take care of my ankle.

ScooterFirst thing is this a knee scooter.  I found a folding knee scooter, and I found a bag that it fits into that can be checked.  I will be use it in most of the parks (except Universal Studios Hollywood) which will save me a lot of pain.

Shoes 2Next, I brought so many extra pairs of shoes! Because my gait is weird I go through shoes very quickly.  I’ve brought several pairs of shoes that I know work for me.  They aren’t the cutest shoes, but sometimes you have to give up form for function.  To be fair, my sock collection is pretty darn cute, so I guess make up for it in other ways.

Other StuffInsoles make it so that my shoes last longer.  The pattern for me is that I’ll wear the shoes for a while and then one day my ankle will start hurting.  Put the insoles in and I can get another few weeks out of them.

An ankle brace, it wraps around to support the ankle but still gives range of motion.  I don’t wear this as often as I should, but I’m always glad to have it when I need it.

A tens unit can be used to help alleviate some pain.  I don’t use it all the time, but thought it was worth bringing on this long-haul trip.

Don’t forget some baggies.  This is perfect for ice, you can use it in the hotel room or take them along with you.  If you’re sitting down for lunch, might as well ice that sucker!

I also brought along plenty of pain relievers and anti-inflammatory.  If you’re traveling overseas be sure to check the rules of what you can bring in and how much of it. I also have one cardinal rule that really works for me.  “If just standing around, just be sitting around.”  Any time I can give my ankle a break, the better it is.

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