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Last night I had tickets to Disney World After Hours.  In concept this is the same as the event last week at Disneyland.  They sale a limited number of tickets that let you into the park after the regular business hours.

The big differences are that here you only get three hours, whereas Disneyland was five hours.  Here you get free bottled drinks, popcorn, and ice cream.  What I really noticed is that the people who come to this one is here for the rides.  Disneyland had a theme, and a lot of folks where there to participate and dress up.  Since I’m a rides girl, I appreciate that everyone one on the same page.

MK FireworksThe official start of the event was 8:00pm, that is the time the park closed and the fireworks took place.  However, you were able to enter an hour early, so I showed up at 7:00.  Like at Disneyland, they gave me lanyard to wear that would get me onto the rides.  I showed up in time to watch “Once Upon a Time”, which is a castle projection show.  This I got to FaceTime with a few of my family members back home.   I also hung out in the hub to watch “Happily Ever After” which is the official fireworks show. This one I FaceTime watched with my mom.  They even have Tinkerbell fly out of the castle; as my mom said, it was magical!

MK Astro OrbitorThen it was time to hit some rides!  Well, first there was a battle to fight the current of people exiting the park in order to head into it.  I was closest to the bridge to Tomorrowland so that’s the way I went.  My first ride of the evening was Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, once again proving to me that I cannot shoot targets at amusement parks.  I will never be a sniper!

MK People MoverThe next ride I found was the People Mover.  I haven’t ridden this ride since I was a kid and they removed it from Disneyland.  It was much more enjoyable that I remembered.  It actually moves pretty quickly most of the time, and give you a behind the scenes looks at most the rides in Tomrrowland, including Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, and even Carrousel of Progress.  I would actually ride this again, and wouldn’t mind if they brought it back to Disneyland.

MK Space MountainFinally, I got to Space Mountain!  It had a posted 10-minute wait, but really it was a walk on.  The queue on is it just so long that it takes you a full 10 minutes to reach the ride itself.  I got put in the front of the car, and it was amazing!  They still have the singer rider cars, so it really felt like you were in the front of a rocket.  Which I was.  On my way through space.  It was good there wasn’t anyone sitting directly behind me; at one point my lanyard flew back in the wind, and I’m pretty sure it would have cut some one.  So, beware of the dangers of After Hours!

From there I headed to Adventureland and hopped the Jungle Cruise.   Still love it!  Did you know that they have the back side of water here too?  Crazy!

MK PiratesOnto Pirate of the Caribbean.  You would think the rides between Disneyland and Disney World would be pretty much the same, but I gotta give this one to Disneyland.  For one thing, they have two drops, which doubles the fun of Disney World.  Also, and most importantly, as you ride past the pirate band the according player at Disneyland makes creepy animatronic eye contact.  The one here, wouldn’t look me in the eye no matter how hard I tried to get his attention!

MK Peter PanIt was then time to head into Fantasyland; first stop: Peter Pan’s Flight.  So, in the boats on this one have the large sale in front of you, and a small sale behind you. The sails are convex, because they are filled with magical winds to take you to Neverland, but they are also hard plastic.  Because the sail behind me was blown forward every time the ride jolted a little I would hit my head.  Aside from the concussion, it was a fun ride.  You get a closer look at Neverland then the ride a Disneyland, which is pretty cool.  I might still prefer Disneyland thought…

From here I hit Winnie the Pooh’s Hunny Hunt.  What was really cool about this ride is the line.  There are all sorts of things for kids to play with while they wait. The idea is that parents wait in the line, and kids have a good time playing.  I wish more rides offered this, it makes waiting in line a lot more “bear”-able for everyone.  (Because Pooh’s a bear, you see.)

MK Snow WhiteIts official, the nicest cast members at Disneyworld work the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train!  I had been using the scooter to get between rides, then parking it and walking in, but they told me that the queue was long and I should go ahead and ride it in.  Once at the top they pulled me out of the line to transfer to the ride. The cast member asked me if I want the front or the back of the train.  I asked him what her preferred and he said back; so that’s what I went with.  The ride is so much fun!  It is the smoothest roller coaster I have ever been on.  Part of the reason for that is that the cars actually swing from side to side with the track.  And at the end of the ride while you’re waiting to unload you can watch the Dwarfs dance with Snow White during the “Silly Song”, which is a great way to end the ride.

As soon as I unloaded, the cast member that had helped me before sent me right back on, but this time to ride at the front. It was seriously so nice!  He knew I wanted to ride it a couple times and didn’t make me go back through the line again. Coolest cast member ever!

MK BarnstormerIt was a good thing I had been to Goofy’s Flight School in Disneyland, because next up was Barnstormer, also with Goofy. This a little rollercoaster with a lot of turns, that lasts about 45 seconds.  It was totally fun though. We asked if they could send us through again, and since there was no one else in line they were happy to comply.

MK TritonMy final ride was The Little Mermaid, it was exactly like the one at Disneyland. Complete with the real-haired King Triton.  Except for across the way from the exit of this ride is a killer carving the king himself.

I do think they is totally worth the cost of doing.  If you’re interesting on getting on the rides, this is well worth the price.  I did more rides in three hours then I would have been able to do all day in the park.

MK Main StreetAll in all, I enjoyed my time at Disney World.  The shear size of the place is overwhelming!  Everything is just so much larger than in California.  That gives them liberty to add more rides and keep attractions for longer.  At Disneyland they have to switch or upgrade rides; where as here they can just add them on.  This means I was able to go no some rides from my childhood, which was a lot of fun!  But it also means a lot more ground to cover to get to all the rides.  So be prepared for extra walking.  Also, even though its larger it still gets really packed.  The size doesn’t dissuade the crowds.

Epcot still stands as my favorite park here.  I do think every fan of Disney should try and make a trip out here at least once in their life.  The experience here, is totally worth it!

Next stop in Venice, Italy.  Arrivederci!

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