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Hi folks!  Today’s entry is gonna be pretty short, mainly because all I did was travel.  But also, because I came down with a cold yesterday and need to get to bed.

I started yesterday by checking out of my Orlando hotel, since my flight wasn’t until the evening I left my bags at the hotel for safe keeping and headed over to Disney Springs to watch a movie.  I didn’t get to see much of Disney Springs, but it looks like a cool shopping area.  There was something that smelled so good at one point… like garlic and butter!  Oh man, I wanted to hunt it down!

After the movie I caught the shuttle back to my hotel, and then the Magic Shuttle to the airport.  I was flying Lufthansa and I gotta say I really like that airline. They still have people at the desk to check you in, not just a self-serve kiosk.  I was flying business class so I got to hang out in Club MCO, which is a special waiting area complete with free snacks and drinks.  The best part is that the chairs there are comfortable!

I loaded on the flight, and Lufthansa actually boards it Business and First Class last, so there was no watching for spectacular facial hair this time.  The truth is, I pretty much got in my seat and slept, basically for the whole eight-hour flight. I had to switch planes in Frankfurt, which was a little weird because we had to go all the way out and through customs before getting you bags checked again.  It was a pretty long wait, and I barely made it to my flight on time.  I also slept for that whole flight…

Once to the airport I got my bags and caught a water taxi to my hotel.  That part was pretty cool!  I mean, we were booking it! And then all of a sudden, you’re in Venice surrounded by buildings.  Its surreal.

I had about an hour before I was to meet with my tour group for the welcome dinner, so I took a shower.  Dinner was great, I sat with a mother and daughter from Georgia, and a husband and wife from New York.  We had a ruckus good time!  I was the first one to leave so I could get some good sleep tonight.

Sorry again for the short post, hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow and will have some more interesting things to talk about.  Buona notte!

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  1. I’m late in catching this post but dang girl! Kinda cool that you’re there but total bummer that you’re sick!! What the heck! What did I tell you about licking the railings?!?!? If I’ve told you once…

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