Let it snow

My wakeup call this morning was at 3:30am, which is basically last night.  So, if you think about it, I’ve been up since yesterday… kinda.Sunrise

I headed to the airport and took off at 7:15 for the flight to Paris!  I took the Magic Shuttle from the airport straight to my hotel at Disneyland Paris.  My cousin Tiffany arrived, and it is so amazing to see her!  I’m can’t tell you how happy I am that she’s here!

We headed right to Disneyland, but it was a little different this time, it was snowing!  Like huge flakes!  What a cool (pun intended) opportunity!  I mean, how often do you get to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the snow?  Twice!Big Thunder Snow

It was our first stop, and our first FastPasses.  Between rides, we grabbed lunch at the Hyperion.  Now in America the Hyperion is a theater, her it is a giant quick service restaurant in Discoveryland (which is like Tomorrowland) that shows cartoons on big screens.  Great idea, but you really can’t hear anything.  Also, it’s in French.

Our next stop was a search for bathrooms.  I don’t know where they hide these things, but spent at least a half hour searching through Discoveryland, and Fantasyland, before finally finding them in Adventureland.  Not cool when you gotta go!

After our second go around on Big Thunder we headed to Indian Jones, here it’s a roller coaster.  It’s a short ride, but it has a loop.  Gotta give this one to California Disneyland, though. Indiana Jones

From there we headed to Pirates of the Caribbean.  I think this might be my favorite one yet!  It actually kind of runs backwards from the one at Disneyland, in that it starts with the water battle and ends with the skeleton surrounded by treasures.  It was so cold outside, that there were ice cycles forming on the waterfalls outside Pirates!Ice

We headed back to Fantasyland and Tiffany talked me into going on it’s a small world.  So yeah, that was… a bunch of dolls dancing.

Then we went on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio.  These rides are exactly like Disneyland, again… just in French.  But you still get the gist of the story. Snow White

We explored Fantasyland a bit before deciding to follow the parade out and head back to the hotel.Parade Out

We’re both pretty tired, especially Tiffany who traveled all the way from Oregon.  We had a quick dinner in our hotel, and now we’re looking forward to a quiet evening.  We are wild and crazy!

It’s supposed to continue to snow tomorrow, so it will be an interesting time in Disney and not an experience you’ll really get at the Disney Parks in the states!

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  1. I’m so jealous right now…

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