The weather outside was frightful, but the rides were so delightful

We rocked the park today!  Last night over dinner we sat down with the map and talked about the things that were important to hit.  Just like me, Tiffany is in it for the rides which made it really easy to decide.

First thing we did this morning is wake up to a blanket of snow, and it continued to snow all day!  Somehow, we always seemed to be walking into the wind so that snow was blowing in our faces… not really sure how that it physically possible… I figure there is something special about us.  Like the old adage about smoke following beauty, only colder.

We went to Hollywood Studios today, which to me means one important thing: Tower of Terror!  Have I mentioned my love of Tower of Terror? For it is a deep and abiding love. For Tiffany however, all she felt was terror.  Having never been on the ride before she was a bit nervous about it; and she didn’t necessarily enjoy it, but she did it!  Twice!  It was awesome!Tower

After our first ride on Tower of Terror we went to lost and found to see if the backpack someone (cough, cough), forgot at security had been turned in.  No such luck yet!

Our second ride was the Rockin’ Roller Coaster.  It’s the same ride they have in Orlando, and I had no idea it was here, which means it was one splendid surprise.  Tiffany loved it too!  We hit that sucker twice as well.

Next, we headed to the Ratatouille Ride.  It was super fun, it’s a 3D trackless rides, which means it can be different each time you go on it.  Basically, in the ride you’re a mouse living and culinary mousey life in Paris.  There is a part where we were under the stove and gets really warm for a second; not gonna lie, after spending the day in freezing weather that felt wonderful!Rat

For lunch we headed into the Studios Building, which is actually the entrance to the park.  The Main Street, if you will, except its all indoors.  One side is restaurants, the other is shopping, and there are movie props all around.  Tiffany got a Season of the Force burger, and I got nuggets de poulet and French fries. Have we talked about their ketchup here?  Cause its delicious, man!  Like it is somehow both sweeter and more vinegary.  They are a little sparing with it, I would like an American size portion of your French ketchup, please.Burger

It was at this point that I discovered that I had lost my hat somewhere between the Ratatouille and eating lunch.   We were having quite the day for losing stuff.

After that we headed to the Toy Story area of the park.  We rode the Green Army Man Parachute Jump ride.  You go up pretty high, so we got some good views.  Particularly of the staff parking lot.Army

We went on our second round of the Rockin’ Roller Coaster before heading back to the hotel.  I needed to do some laundry because well, hand washing when your moving hotels every other day is really hard.  There just isn’t enough time for stuff to dry.  Unfortunately, our hotel doesn’t have a laundry room so we had to walk to Disney’s Cheyanne Hotel to use their facilities.  It worked out great because we decided to eat dinner there while our clothes were in the wash.

It did mean dragging a suitcase full of laundry for about ten minutes through the snow, we literally went over a bridge and through the woods to get there.  The Cheyanne Hotel is old west themed with a bunch of building made to look like a town. We ate at the Chuck Wagon Buffet. By the way, they really like their buffets around here!  Anyway, this one was American Themed.  That’s right, we went all the way to Paris to eat like Americans. It was so good!  They had smoked chicken, and ribs, and just because not everything can be American, they also had fish nuggets, and rabbit sausage.  And a killer cheese board, which we might have hit up a couple times.Chuck Wagon

We made our way back to our hotel with our clean clothes, and enjoyed the beauty of everything covered in snow.  We think we got about six inches today.  It was really beautiful!  Until we looked at the forecast and realized that they think we might get 3 more inches tonight, and it will continue to snow until tomorrow afternoon.  Hey, life’s and adventure, and sometime those adventures include freezing your tuckus off!Buzz

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