Could it get any more magical?

It snowed all night!  There was good foot of snow on the ground when we woke up and it snowed until about 3:00 in the afternoon. We decided that today we’d have an easy morning and head to the park in the afternoon until closing.  We’ve discovered that with the temperatures and my lack of mobility, we can do about five hours at a time in the park.  But being really good at theme parks, five hours a day is more than enough for us!

Since we were going to head over late we decided we’d have time for the breakfast buffet in our hotel.  After the success of our dinner last night, we were stoked for a hearty breakfast.  I have never seen so many carbs in place before!  It was all breads; you could have croissants, baguettes, different types of sliced bread.  Which you could toast if you so desired.  There was even cold cereal!  But not a scrambled egg in sight.  Breakfast meat included cold cuts of chicken, ham, and something we couldn’t actually identify.  Basically, not the breakfast we had dreamed about.  But we filled up as much as we could, and downed about four glasses of apple juice each.  Somehow, I ended up with some baguettes and chocolate croissants in my purse for later.

After breakfast, we headed out to meet our park shuttle and were happy to see that there was no one else waiting; I love the idea of having the bus to ourselves because I’m super fancy like that!  However, before we got to the stop a cast member let us know that the shuttle from our hotel wasn’t running so we’d have to walk about a third of a mile to the next hotel and catch the shuttle there.  Luckily, we were feeling spry so we ran on over there.

Okay, so its not actually running so much as gingerly slipping and sliding.  But we made an agreement to hold onto each other, if one of us was gonna go down, we’d both be going down!

In the park we headed to Discoveryland, the Tomorrowland of Paris, and onto Hyperspace Mountain.  It was so good! They have a launch start up a hill, and the ride includes a loop and a corkscrew.  Right now, Disneyland Paris is celebrating “The Season of the Force” so it was all decked out inside with Tie Fighters and blasters.  It was really great, and I’d happily ride it a few more times. Space Mountain

But first we headed to Star Tours, it was Tiffany first time on the ride, the best part for me was that it was all in French.  Darth Vader and C-3PO all spoke French, and I think that I caught a bit of an accent on R2-D2’s beeps.Starport

From there we finished the Discoveryland trifecta with a mission on Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.  If you’ve been reading through you know that I’ve talked about my lack of shooting skills on these rides.  Just in case you thought I was exaggerating, here is Tiffany’s score compared to mine.  Keep in mind, I’ve been on this ride three times in the last month and Tiffany has never ridden it before.  An impressive lack of scoring on my part, huh?Score

We had one more ride in Disneyland that we wanted to make sure to get onto, and that was the Flight of Peter Pan.  I love this ride, it always makes me feel like such a happy, little kid, and I think Tiffany got the same feeling! Peter Pan

Our next stop was Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride was so warm and muggy.  I actually unzipped my coat for the first time all day.  If we go on it tomorrow, I’ll be tempted to abandon ship somewhere along the ride, and relocate to the Tortuga. Pirates

What we spent a lot of time doing was stopping for pictures!  The whole place looks even more magical covered in snow.Ship and Skull

We had hot dogs for dinner, and after confirming that the items we lost yesterday hadn’t been turned in, we staked out a place for the fireworks show.

We had perfect seats for it, and a great view!  And what a magnificent show!  Disney really knows how to make the magic come alive!  You can’t help but feel joyful after watching it!  Unfortunately, because of the weather they didn’t actually do fireworks, just the projection and light show on the castle.  Still amazing!Light show 1

The weather did affect a few things, other than the shuttle bus and fireworks.  It looked like they were working with a bit of a skeleton crew, fewer people working the rides did mean it could take a bit longer to get on.  And any ride that wasn’t inside, or at least have a roof, was closed.  There were certain areas of that park (mainly near water) that could get extra slippery, so those areas were closed off too.  It looked like there were less people in the park than normal, but only small paths were cleared for walking, so it could still feel crowded.  That being said, the longest we waited for a ride today was maybe 20 minutes.  I think a lot of people decided to stay in.  Can’t blame them!

Probably the hardest part of the day was trying to catch a shuttle back to the hotel… since they weren’t going back to our hotel directly there were twice as many people trying to cram onto the bus for the neighboring hotel.  Talk about sardines!  At least you didn’t have to try and balance as the bus moved, everyone just kind of shifted together.  We also had the walk back to hotel in the snow.  I was pretty beat; I almost called my cousin back home to make her sing Kansas’s “Carry on My Wayward Son” to me for inspiration on that last third of mile.

We made it back, snuggled in our jammies and got ready for a long night of sleep.  What a great day; seeing Disney all lit up in the snow was amazing!  Totally worth the frozen toes and runny nose!Castle

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