Chill day

We had such a chill day today!  It was one of the coldest days we’ve had here, but the sun was out so it didn’t really feel like it.  There was a lot of watching out for melting snow falling from trees.Snow

It was also chill because we just took it easy.  We got a late start heading to the parks, which worked out perfectly because it gave the ice a chance to melt off.  And the bus was running directly from our hotel again, which was really the best thing that could happen!  No more third of a mile walks slipping in the snow.

There was only one ride left on our list we needed to ride to complete our hit list, and that was Crush’s Coaster in Walt Disney Studios.  It has had a really long line every time we looked at it, and today was no exception, but we sucked it up, stood in that line and had a great time!  We met a girl from Australia in line who was traveling on her own around Europe a bit after visiting family in Croatia.Crush

The ride itself was super fun!  It’s a dark coaster, but what makes this one different is that the car you ride in spins around randomly.  It was SO fun!  I’m so glad we didn’t write this one off because of the line.  It was totally tubular, dude!

With that ride done, we went back to one of very favorite rides, Rockin’ Roller Coaster! Our new friend joined us for this ride as well, and it was her first time on the ride so it was good times all around.  As we exited the ride we were greeted by a Stormtrooper made of snow… a Snowtrooper, if you will.Stormtrooper

We were about to check out Tower of Terror again, but got distracted when we saw Mickey Mouse doing a meet and greet.  While we were waiting to meet Mickey, I accidentally FaceTime called my brother back home, at way too early of an hour for them.  But he’s such a nice brother that he just talked to me for a while.  Gotta love family like that!

When we actually got to talk to Mickey, Tiffany was pretty darn star struck meeting the Mouse himself.  It was adorable!  Mickey and I greeted each other like old friends; after visiting three of his parks in a month, I think we are old friends.

Our new friend wanted to go on Tower of Terror, and we wanted to hit Rockin’ Roller Coaster again, well because that’s the way we rock and roll.  We agreed to meet up at the Tower of Terror exit, but even though we waited about 20 minutes after she should have gotten off of the ride we didn’t see her again.  Hope she had an amazing rest of her day!

From there we headed to RC Racer, which is a lot like the pirate ship rides that used to come with the state fair.  But there was an issue so we were instead given FastPasses to the ride of our choice.  And we chose Crush’s Coaster again!  It was just as good the second time around!RC

It was getting pretty cold, and things were starting to ice over again so, we decided to head back to our hotel. We caught dinner (another buffet, because they love buffets here) at our hotel.  This one is Mexican themed.  We made ourselves sick on food and now we’re about ready to go comatose!Dinner

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving Disney and heading into Paris proper.  We actually don’t know what it will be like, as the weather may affect what we can do.  They’ve had flooding in the city in recent weeks, and with all this snow melting they are expecting more.  But hey, we can only do what we can do!  No matter what happens, we’ll be hanging out in Paris together!

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