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Here’s a little travel tip for ya… ask for a late check out.  Worst case scenario you have to get packed up and out eleven in the morning.  Best case, they tell you can hang out in the room until 1:00.

With our booking, we still had one more day of park tickets, we had been on every ride on our list, so we did the next best thing, souvenir shopping.  Also, we checked with lost and found one more time, this time they totally had the backpack!  So exciting!

CakeAnd after grabbing a quick lunch and an amazing dessert, that I still can’t identify, we headed back to our hotel.  We had left our bags in the baggage holding room where we picked them up and called an Uber to come take us to our Airbnb in Paris proper.

We left pretty early, because we just weren’t sure how long the drive would take with the snow.  Turns out the roads have been cleared up, but the river is exceptionally high. Drive

Once we got into our Airbnb, after waiting a while for the owner to let us in because we were there so early, we were greeted by an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower.

The picture doesn’t do it justice!  It is truly amazing.  It lights up at night, and every hour for five minutes starting at 8:00 it sparkles.  I wish I could show you a picture, but the lit-up tower is copywritten, so you’ll just have to come see it yourself someday!Tower

There is market about a minute down the street, so we went there to get some supplies.  Including lots of cheese, and baguettes.  After a wonderful dinner, we finally headed off to bed under the light of the tower.

Today, we are taking a rest day.  Turns out that spending five days trying not to fall down while slipping on frozen ground can really wear a body out.  A day of resting, enjoying the view, and eating good was just what we needed to recoup.

Plus, we’d learned that the there are still some sights closed because of the snow here in Paris, as well as some Metro stops shut down due to flooding.  I guess we’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings!

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  1. Not nearly enough in here about the cheese!!! But th pictures, wow! And that river! Doh! Looks like it’s gonna swallow that bridge!

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