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Today is that day that I said goodbye to Paris and to Tiffany.  It was so sad to have Tiffany leave, not only is she an amazing person, but she so caring, easy to travel with, and can make me laugh until I cough like a fool.  Plus, it was so nice to have a piece of home here with me.

We woke up at 5:00am to finish getting our bags packed, and clean up our Airbnb a little bit.  (By the way, does anyone know the etiquette on how you are supposed to leave an Airbnb when you check out?)  We had and Uber pick us up a little before 7:00am and headed to the airport.  On our way we drove by the Arc de Triomphe, which is great because it was one of the places we weren’t able to get to.  And we got a picture, so technically we can prove we’ve been there.  Granted the pictures are either blurry or crooked, but they still exist!Arch

At the airport we said our goodbyes (sad) and headed to our different airlines.  They have a weird system there were you go practically to the gate before you go through security.  It is kind of nice that the security lines are shorter, but they are also fewer people working; I’d say that wait time comes out in the wash.

I was able to make use of the Lufthansa lounge, which was lovely and quiet, and gave me free food. Luftansa Food

Here I would like to address something with Lufthansa… their flights are always late!  What happened to German precision?  My flight left Paris late, and we landed in Frankfurt at the same time my flight to Athens started to board.  The flights were in different terminals, and Lufthansa wasn’t able to give me any help to get there fast.  Since I can’t run, I was forced to quick-hobble over a mile to my connecting flight.  You know time is an issue when I choose to force my ankle to walk up five flights of stairs because the wait for the elevator is too long.  In the end, I was able to catch my flight just in time.  I’m a little sore, but happy that I made it.  Other than being late, I really like Lufthansa; I like the people who work for them, and the flight attendants are great.  Plus, the in-flight meal is nothing to cough at.Lunch

After landing in Athens I gathered my bags and met the ground transport I’d arranged through the tour company. I thought this overpass that takes planes over the freeway was pretty cool.Plane Overpass

I had about a half hour in my room before the tour meeting.  Then grabbed a quick dinner from a bakery near the hotel.  Since I’m a little sore from my quick-hobble, I’m going to take it easy in the room tonight.

My room has a lovely little balcony, the view doesn’t quite compare to falling asleep to the Eiffel Tower, but it is a very nice room with a super soft bed, and tiny shower.  I’m gonna do just fine here!Hotel View

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  1. Oh man I’d be so irritated too! I’m glad that you had fun there though. Hope you saved me some of that flight’s lunch because it looks yummy!!

    PS-glad you’re still alive 😘

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