Why not a cyclops?

Bus day!  And a rainy bus day at that.  We took off this morning and drove first to the Corinth Canal.  Well, actually we stopped at a little store near the canal and could walk to it.  The picture I took from the side of the canal is lack luster at best.Corinth Canal 2

But then we drove over the bridge slowly and I really got to see it.  I mean this thing is crazy!  It’s not terribly wide, so no big ships can go down it, but it is so deep!  (Please ignore the blurry spots on the picture… that’s rain on the bus window.)Corinth Canal

It’s really amazing that this was built in just three years!  And the bridge we crossed is that one that crazy people budgie jump from.

From there we went to the beehive tomb of Mycenae.  It’s called a beehive tomb because when you’re inside, the shape really does look like you’re standing in a beehive.  I’d call it an acute dome.  This is where they buried the kings of Mycenae.  There would have been a big hole in the middle of the room where the body actually went. Then when the next king died, they’d dig up the old king and move his bones to a small antechamber storage room, and put the newly dead king in the hole.  Reduce, reuse and recycle I always say!

We then headed up the hill to the Acropolis of Mycenae. Instead of being used to worship gods, this is where the palace was back in the day. It’s also where they stored a bunch of food and oil, while normal folk lived around the base of the hill. Mycenean Acropolis

The fortification for the Mycenae is a wall called a cyclopean wall.  They used huge stones to build it, but the way they moved the stones has been lost to history.  Even the ancient Greeks didn’t know how it was done, so they collectively decided that it was built by Cyclopes. I mean, if we have people talking about “Ancient Aliens” now, why wouldn’t they have believed the walls were built by giant, one-eyed, half-god monsters?aWall

One amazing thing here is that you see here is the Lion Gate.  This is a relief sculpture, and is the oldest depiction of lions in Greece.  It is also the oldest known sculpture in western civilization! Lion Gate

I didn’t end up climbing to the top of the acropolis here, our guide talked about how slippery the path was, and I just thought that maybe this isn’t where I wanted to die.  So, I checked out some of the views, and headed back to the bus.Mycenean View

After grabbing lunch, we headed to a store giving us samples of olive oil, olives, honey, wine, etc, etc.  Mainly we were there to shop.  Which I did.

Then, we headed to our hotel.  I am in love with our hotel!  It is so quaint, and cozy.  My room has a king size bed, big bath room, and a balcony with at view that’s to die for!  I think I could live here forever.Cover photo

Tonight we have an all tour dinner at our hotel.  And tomorrow we head to Olympia to check out the home of the Olympic games!

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