Well, darned if I’m not in London

I was picked up at the respectable time 10:00am this morning for my trip to London.  It is a national holiday in Greece so the airport was virtually empty.  I walked right through security, I mean they still scanned by bags and stuff, but I didn’t have to wait in line.

I was on Lufthansa again, so of course the flight was late leaving; but luckily, I had a long enough layover not to have to run through the Munich airport.  We were a little bit slowed up due to the stairs used to disembark the plane being covered in snow.  This is the best picture I was able to get of it. Snow

My passport was checked three times in Munich.  Once to get into the airport from the plane, once at passport control, and then again to get onto the plane. They really want to make sure you are who you say you are; so just be who you are.

They also had this cool little display set up about time.  I mean, why not learn about how timekeeping was invented while waiting for your flight?Display

When I arrived in London I had to go through passport control again.  I hadn’t needed to got through passport control as I moved through Europe because they have an agreement that makes it so you don’t have to do it every time you move from country to country; only when you initially come in and when you leave.  But since England isn’t part of the European Union you have to do the process just for them.

I took and Uber to my Airbnb.  I love this little place.  It is so small and cozy!  Since my place is pretty small, I feel very at home here.  I ran to the market up the street to grab some food and now I’m cozied in for the night. London

Tomorrow is a rest day for me.  That means I plan to stay in my Airbnb, and do nothing but chill.  I’ve been on the road for 35 days now, and I’ve had one day of not doing anything.  As much as I love discovering a new place, I also need a little bit of a break and some down time.

I’m really looking forward to exploring this amazing city!  But London has been around since 50 AD, and it’ll still be here on Wednesday!

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