Vegetarian fish and chips

I spent my morning sitting in my Airbnb excitedly waiting for the arrival of my friend Melinda.  I stalked her through Facebook and with “Find My Friends” on the iPhone.  I was literally sitting on the couch just bouncing, knowing that she’d be arriving any minute.  I tried to distract myself with a little Dude Perfect on YouTube, but not even trick shots could calm me down.  And then she finally arrived!

I can’t believe that she is here to hang out in London with me!  In fact, she made our schedule for our time here.  Well, I made her make the schedule.  She has it all written up, and I can’t wait to follow it through!

Although we didn’t start off too well on that follow through thing.  First thing on the list was to catch the Tube and then get high tea.  We caught the tube, but about a block and a half away from the designated tea place we got distracted by fish and chips at a local pub.Ploughs

Now, I don’t actually like fish, I have tried to like it, and would like to like it, but so far that hasn’t been the case.  Luckily this place had “vegetarian fish and chips” which consisted of cheese, breaded and deep fried.  It was the best fake fish I’ve had!  If this an option at all pubs, I’m down for getting it every day we’re here.  And I would rate the mashed peas as “not as bad as I was afraid they’d be”.  So, all in all, a great lunch.  Oh, and Melinda who got actual fish; she said it was good but not fantastic, however, since we are in London all food gain additional points.  Taking that into account, it has been upgraded to amazing!Fish and chips

From there we made our way to Covent Garden.  This area was much posher (see how English I am already) then I expected it to be.  For some reason I thought it would be more of tourist shopping area than it is; they do have some souvenir kiosks, but the shops themselves seem like legit stores that Londoners actually shop at.  And there was an opera singer just hanging out, singing. Covet Garden

We then walked to the SoHo area, which is full of theaters.  There are so many shows here!  I’ve seen quite a few of them, but I this would be a great place to catch your favorite show.  I was slightly tempted to spend an evening at the theater when I saw that Wicked is showing, but I think when it comes down to it, I’d rather spend my time exploring the city.

Exploring the city includes finding a Pizza Express housed inside a building from 1888; how weird and cool is that!Pizza Express

We also walked to Piccadilly Circus, through the living statues, past a street dance troop, and to the fountain. Picadilly Circus

We also make a quick stop to see the entrance to China Town.China Town

Our next stop was Hatcher’s, the oldest book store in London; it was first established in 1797!  I ended up buying a book to read while I’m here.  It is a mystery set in London, and is a BBC Radio book club pick.  I’ll let you know how it is.Hatchards

From here we visited a couple fancy stores, first was Fortum and Mason, which has lovely bathrooms. And then onto the infamous Harrod’s.  The thing is, it is all to expensive for my blood, but they had some really lovely stuff!  The food section of Harrod’s had particularly fancy.Harrods2

And we took rode the Egyptian escalators from the bottom all the way to the top!  The lower ground floor has a memorial for Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, which includes a statue of them frolicking as well as a commemorative display.  It was… interesting.Diana

While the top floor has a beautiful ceiling! Harrods1

We were able to take a classic Black Cab between the stores; our driver was so friendly and helpful, and excited for our visit.  We talked about the cross walks, and how people just ignore them sometimes.  And that he and his wife are visiting Spain in March.  Kind of wish we had a longer ride with him so we could keep talking!

After Harrod’s it was time to head home. We stopped at the store to grab some (and forget some) necessities.  I also got this apple juice that was amazing!  I drank the whole bottle as we snacked on cheese and crackers and chatted.

All in all, a wonderful first day exploring London!  Aside from high tea, we got everything on Melinda’s list for today done.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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  1. So glad you gals had fun out and about! Can’t wait to see what the next day (beginning soon for you guys) has in store for you both! Stay safe and have a blast!

  2. Hi Emily! I’m loving reading about your travels. Don’t forget the Royal Albert!!! I’m back in Athens from Meteora which was one of the most amazing sites I have seen. Crappy weather didn’t stop us — met up with fellows from Colorado and Budapest — home to US tonight. Can’t wait to keep reading about your travels. Enjoy and stay safe. Was fun to meet you in Greece,, Jan

    • Hi Jan! I’m so glad that you had a great time in Meteora! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in Greece. We went to Royal Albert tonight and Cirque du Soliel show Ovo. Thank you for the wonderful advice, it was amazing! Travel safe! And it was a pleasure meeting you!

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