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We actually had to set an alarm this morning! Can you believe it? Since we’ve been here, our time in London was at our leisure, we had been able to just get up when wanted to, and leave the house when we were ready. But today we had to catch a tour.

After hopping the Piccadilly line to Piccadilly Circus, and changing trains to the Northbound Bakerloo line to the Regency station (we’re turning into real Tube experts) we met the tour company that was going to take us to Oxford and then to Warner Brothers Studios.

When we arrived in Oxford our guide gave us a short walking tour of some of the sights. This part of the tour wasn’t the best for me because my ankle is feeling pretty shot today, and she was walking super-fast. Melinda even started humming the William Tell overture every time she started walking.

After the walking tour ended I was in need of a break and it was time for lunch. So, we did what you do when you’re hungry in England and found a pub! This one was historic, dating back to 1260.Historic pub

From there we just wandered around Oxford, enjoying the busy Sunday streets, small roadways, and beautiful architecture.  Who doesn’t love a good piece of architecture?

We also saw another guy with a hawk! Why in the world are there so many falconers just wandering about?

Our last stop was a visit to one of the colleges of Oxford. It’s amazing how stepping through the gates can into the private courtyard completely changes everything. It’s quiet, and bright, and you hear birds instead of street noise. I could study up a storm in an environment like that.College

After that we got back on the bus and headed to Warner Brothers Studios. This is where they filmed all the Harry Potter movies, and now they let you tour the lots and explore all things Harry Potter.

My little nerd-heart was full to bursting with all the Harry Potter! There is no way I can explain to you how awesome it was, not even in a thousand words! And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s are some pictures.  Probably about a thousand of them.

We did try the butterbeer ice cream! Sadly, it was not good. Oh, I had high hopes for it, there was a McDonalds milkshake fake food thing going on. It was like greasy marshmallow fluff. Would not recommend.HP Gross

Other than that, it was an amazing experience!Hogwarts

Tomorrow we have a super long day visiting Stonehenge, Windsor, Bath and the village of Lacock. We’re looking at a 13-hour day, so chances are my post is gonna be a bit later than normal.  It’ll be Melinda’s final day in England, so we’re gonna go out with one amazing day!



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