From London to Tokyo

Well I did it! I made it down the steps from the Airbnb to the street. Sure, no big deal you may say, until you realize that the steps were tile and covered in slush, and trying to kill me. Also, I had my bags that I had to carry down the steps.  But I made it, like a BOSS!

Then I spent way too much on an Uber to the airport because I really didn’t have a choice; the train line was shut down. But all that matters is that I got to the airport.

Gatwick might be my new favorite non-Portland airport! I got through security quickly, then headed to the business class lounge where they gave me a hot meal and a nice place to sit for three hours while I waited for the flight.

Something to note, don’t go to your gate at Gatwick until you’re ready to board. They check your ticket as you come in, instead of as you board the plane. And there is no bathroom in there, so go prepared!

They did have a cool thing for the kids, it projected from the ceiling and when you stepped on it you could manipulate it. Sometimes it was just making ripples in water, and sometimes you could play Hungry Hungry Hippos, which is awesome!

This flight was only 4 hours from London to Gatwick. They served a meal on the flight, and I watched a movie. It wasn’t overly full, so I was able to move to an empty row. But before I did I gave the guy I had been sitting next to some decongestant and cough drops. I totally understand flying while sick, it sucks!

We landed in Istanbul right in time, but a quirky thing about Turkish Airlines is that they don’t like to post the gate early. So, I had to hang out for a while before I learned that I needed to walk about 20 minutes to the other side of the airport to my departure gate! Luckily, I had plenty of time.

Right now I’m sitting in business class, have my cabin slippers on, and am waiting to take off. This flight is 11 hours long, so I better get comfy!

About 12 hours later…Airport

I’ve arrived in Tokyo and made it through passport control and customs. Now I’m waiting for the bus that will take me to the area of the hotel. From there I’ll grab a cab to my hotel. It’s been the longest journey so far, but it’ll be worth it!

Gotta say, Turkish is a great airline; not only are the seats comfortable, but the workers are kind. Plus, they got us here a half hour early! Had they not I might not have been able to catch this bus, and then I would have had to pay about $250 for a taxi. Thanks Turkish!

And to top it off, by room has a bay-view balcony!Room View

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