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Tokyo DisneySea!  This is the park that I have most looked forward to visiting!  People love the large pathways, the open feel, and technology of the rides.  It gets great reviews all around, and rightfully so!

I’d also heard that it isn’t as crowded as other parks.  So, if this isn’t crowded for Tokyo, then I’m in for a very surrounded day tomorrow!  Actually, I think there might have been some school thing going on, because I saw a ton of kids there in uniforms.  With so many people I had to be particular about which lines I got into, since I can’t stand for too long.  I found I had to skip some of the more popular rides.

The centerpiece of Disney Sea is a volcano called Mount Prometheus.  It is the first thing you see when you walk into the park, and I swear, it is everywhere!  It seems to be in about 75% of my pictures from today.  I really think it is a cool centerpiece! Entrance

At DisneySea they have Ports instead of Lands. And my first stop was Discovery Port and the Aquatopia Ride.  This is a trackless water ride, that takes you around spewing water, and whirlpools, and just general water frivolity.  It was surprisingly fun to be spun and pulled through the water!Aquatopia

I headed over to the Lost River Delta in a beeline for Indiana Jones Adventure. I’ve heard amazing things about this ride!  When I got over there, I found out that it is closed, and will be closed for the whole time I’m here.  Not gonna lie, that made me sad.  But then again, it can always be an excuse to come back!Delta 2

Right next to that is Raging Spirits.  Turns out, that this is exactly like the roller coaster at Paris Disneyland that is called Indiana Jones.  A fun, fast roller coaster with a loop in it.  In Paris you don’t really know there’s a loop until you’re almost ready to board the ride.  Here they advertise it everywhere before you get on.  I wonder if it allures most people or scares them away?  I know that I enjoy a good loopty-loop!Delta 1

The next Port on my list was the Arabian Coast.  This is the land of Aladdin!  They have a Magic Carpet Ride, a theater that features a magic show by Genie, and a two-story carousel!Agraba Carousal

On an un-Aladdin ride, I took a voyage with Sinbad.  From what I could tell, the story goes that Sinbad, and his trusty tiger Chandu, are sent off from his home port for a sailing adventure.  First, he gets into a big storm and is saved by, or perhaps saves, some mermaids.  Then he stops pirates from stealing the eggs of a magical, giant bird.  He rescues a genie, or ogre, or giant (I’m really not sure which) from a cage, and they perform a duet about the “courage of your heart”.  Sinbad learns to play the drums, just in time to join a crazy monkey drumming circle.  He then loads his bounty onto his ship, and a whale returns him and Chandu to their home port.  Once home, they are celebrated with belly dancers and fireworks.  I thoroughly enjoyed this ride!

It was so cute, and I think Chandu might be the best tiger since Raja.  I also learned that I don’t need to take flash photography, because my courage lights the way.  That’s deep, man.

From there I headed to the Mermaid Lagoon.  This is a mostly indoor area that is kind of little kid focused.  They have a playground, and kiddy rides galore.

They also have this statue of King Triton, that wins my award for Least Creepy Triton at a Disney Park.Triton

Speaking of Triton, I went to see a show at this theater.  This show was a delight!  I was delighted!  The show is supposed to be underwater; Ariel is suspended from the ceiling and “swims” all around the room.  It’s pretty magical!  Also, hearing Sabastian speak in Japanese with his Caribbean accent is an adorable highlight!  I wish we were allowed to take pictures while the show was going on, but I was only able to snap one of the stage before it started.Underwater Theater

All that being said, there is also a King Triton that appears in this show.  His body is complete immobile, but his face is a fully animated projection.  This means that Tokyo DisneySea also wins the award for Most Creepy Triton at a Disney Park.

I headed to Mysterious Island next, unfortunately one of the rides in this area was down, so the other one had a line that was much too long for me to wait in.  I think I’ll have to try and hit it on Wednesday when I can park hop.

I decided to take the Transit Steamer Ride for a quick sale around the park.  Steamer 5It was a wonderful way to get to see the park from a different vantage, like riding the train around Disneyland.  I ended up on a boat that only takes you from Mediterranean Harbor to the Lost River Delta, but if you get on at the American Waterfront, you can do a full loop.

The American Waterfront was my next destination so that I could ride Tower of Terror!  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but Tower of Terror is my favorite ride!  This one is a bit different, because it has a totally different back story!  For the backstory on the other Towers, I highly suggest watching the 1997 Steve Gutenberg/Kristin Dunst, made for TV classic movie: Tower of Terror.  (Seriously, you can find the whole thing on YouTube.)Tower

In this one, the back story is that Harrison Hightower III built Hightower Hotel in the late 1800’s.  Hightower was an explorer and collector of artifacts, as well as a hotelier. Unfortunately, he was a mean collector and when he saw something he wanted he would find a way to get, by any means necessary. In 1899 while on an expedition in the Congo a tribe showed him particular kindness, and Hightower took a liking to the village’s protective idol Shiriki Utunda.  After attempts to buy the idol failed, Hightower out and out stole it and ran away.

On New Year’s Eve, Hightower threw a grand party to showcase his new accusation.  The party was a success, and Hightower took the idol to his penthouse apartment to find a place for it. Although warned to be respectful to the idol, Hightower ignored the advice and put his cigar out on Shiriki Utunda’s head!  At the stroke of midnight while Hightower was on the elevator all power went out in the building and there was a green explosion.  Later they would find that the elevator cables had been cut, the only thing left on the elevator was Shiriki Utunda. Harrison Hightower III was never seen again.

The ride itself is mostly the same.  Although, I think it has slower drops than the others I’ve been on. Also, they have you wear a seatbelt that goes over your shoulder.  (The other rides don’t have this, which makes them a bit more exciting, because you lift off the seat a little as the elevator falls.)  Really, my favorite part about this was the amount of joy people had!  As soon as the doors closed to start the ride everyone started cheering, which is exactly how I felt!  So fun to be on the ride with so many people that were really into it!

My final stop of the day was Mediterranean Harbor.  My main goal in this area was to find the Little Green Men Dumplings!  I have been waiting to try these little guys, and they were so good! The outside is mochi, and the inside is filled with custard.  You get one each of Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla.  They were as delicious as they are cute!  I’m gonna have to have them again.Little green men

At this point, it was really raining hard!  I was soaked through, and pretty tired from the walking, so I decided to head back to the hotel.  But before I left I stopped by Guest Services and found out about the Guest Assistance Card.  This is for people that are hurt and can’t stand in line, just like me!  When you want to go on a ride, a cast member will give you a return time based on what the standby wait time is.  Then you can go and sit down until it’s time to come back and get on the ride.  I will definitely be utilizing this over my next couple of days!

All in all, a great first day and Tokyo Disney!  I can’t wait to visit Disneyland tomorrow!

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