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I arrived at Tokyo Disneyland a full 20 minutes before it opened, so that I would be one of the first people in the gates, apparently that was the plan for everyone else coming to the park today as well.  Yesterday I got there about 20 minutes after the park opened and walked right in, today I had to wait in a long line and probably didn’t get into the gates until about 8:10.  So, what I’m saying is sometimes it pays to be late.

First thing I noticed about walking into Disneyland is that their “Main Street” area is quite a bit different, it is a covered indoor area that still looks like Main Street but is called the World Bazaar.  Paris has something similar in that they have covered passageways on either side of Main Street that can protect you from the weather as you move from shop to shop.  It must be something they do in climates that aren’t known for being sunny like California and Florida.  I really like the idea and thinks it’s pretty cute too.World Bazaar

Other than that, the layout of this Disneyland is pretty much similar to the other Disney parks, with the hub and the different lands expanding from there.

Today I used the Guest Assistance Card.  The way this works is that you go to someone working at the ride you want to go on and ask to use the card.  They will usually find someone that speaks at least some English to help you, and that person will ask you a few questions. The questions usually are to make sure you’ll be able to walk into the ride, get onto the ride, and be able to walk out if the ride breaks down.  After you’ve said you’re good on all those points they’ll fill out the card and give you a return time based on the length of the line.

The lines at Disneyland Tokyo are all really long, so even with the card I needed to be selective about which rides I chose to go on.  And first on my hit list was Pooh’s Hunny Hunt!  After getting my return time, I stopped by to visit my girl Snow White on her Scary Adventure.Evil Queen

I was also able to catch Mickey’s Philharmagic.  It was pretty fun to get to watch this done Japanese!  I love hearing Disney classics that I love sung in other languages!  Also, it was much more 4D then I remember the one on Florida being. This one pumped scent into the room and sprays you with water.  Gotta say, the apple pie smelled great!

Then it was back to Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, so cute!  This is trackless ride that takes you through Winnie the Pooh stories.  The line in here is super cute, you’re surrounded by giant book pages of the Pooh stories, including my personal favorite, the one where Pooh gets stuck in the door to Rabbit’s house after eating too much honey.  I’ve felt that way before, but from pizza instead of honey.  The ride itself is really adorable!

As you exit the ride, you can either go out through the gift shop, or through a replica of Christopher Robin’s room.  I really enjoyed the detail in this room, and it somehow made everything even sweeter.Christopher Robin

From there I swung by ToonTown for a few minutes.  Long enough to realize that it is laid out opposite of the one in California, and to see Goofy being all… well, goofy… with the crowd of visitors around him.ToonTown

I next headed to Tomorrowland, I wanted to ride on Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek.  I would have like to go on all the rides, but with the lines I decided it was more important to go on a ride that we don’t have in the states.  As point of reference in line length, in California the longest wait time I’ve ever seen for Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster is 20 minutes, here the line was 90 minutes!

I had some time to waste before my return time so I headed to the Sweetheart Café to get a snack.  I got a sweet red been filled pastry that looked like a dog bone, and the adorable Mike Wazowski melon bun, and an apple juice (because healthy). The red bean pastry was a lot sweeter than I expected.  The Mike Wazowski melon bun was amazing!  Not too sweet, and just a slight cantaloupe flavor.  Ten out of ten, would recommend!Snack

I also got to catch some of the Frozen parade while I snacked.Frozen

Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek is a super fun ride!  You have a flashlight and need to find monsters throughout the ride who are hiding. When you shine the light on their helmets, they pop out from wherever they’re are.  A sweet, fun ride.

Next, I went to Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was classic Pirates, and the only bilingual ride I’ve been on.  As always, I loved it!Pirates

I was delighted to discover that they have a small New Orleans area here!  It isn’t on the map, it’s just part of Adventure Land.  New Orleans is my favorite area just to hang out in at Disneyland in California, so it was great to have that little bit of it here!New Orleans

Somehow when I tried to find Big Thunder Mountain I ended up back in Fantasyland.  Look, we’ve talked about this!  I’m not always great at maps.  But I am good at matching thread color to fabric, we all have are strengths!

Since I was in Fantasyland anyway, I decided to go on Peter Pan’s Flight.  The other day someone said that they don’t understand why the Peter Pan ride is so popular, and I thought “Because you’re flying!”  I mean, I know that’s why I love it!  At the beginning of the ride you fly over a London cityscape, and I realized that I had just been there last week, so weird!

Outside of Peter Pan, I saw three Cast Members pouring over a map of the park with a little girl.  So sweet!Little Girl

At this point, I needed to get something more substantial to eat, and headed over to the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall for an adorable lunch in an amazing setting.Heart Lunch

I then found my way to Big Thunder, only to find that it had been shut down.  I mean, it shouldn’t be a surprise, I swear that ride is broken down half the time.  But even when it’s broke, it’s still purty.

I decided that I needed some more Little Green Men dumplings for dessert today.  Don’t judge me!  They are so good! After a little internet research, I found that Softlanding in Tomorrowland had them. (At Softlanding you can also get milk flavored ice cream, just thought that was interesting.)  When I got there, I was surprised to find that they had Stormtrooper dumplings instead! They are basically the same, except the chocolate one had been replaced with caramel.Stormtrooper dumpling

I did a little bit of shopping at the World Bazaar, and finally decided to call it a day.  Although I didn’t get to go on as many rides as I sometimes do, I really enjoyed having time to just stroll through the park or sit and people watch for a while.  It was a truly lovely day!

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