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Tonight, I found myself sitting on cold, hard paving stones in 40-degree weather.  There are only a few things that can make me do that, and The Electrical Parade is one of them! But we’ll get to that…

I decided that’d go to the parks in the afternoon today, I had some chores I needed to do in my room.  And I know you think, “what kind of chores do you have?”, and well frankly, there comes a time that you have stand at a hotel bathroom sink and wash your socks.  Today was one of that days for me!

Plus, I got to talk to my cousin for a while, which was awesome!  I’ve found that not knowing the language can make things pretty lonely.  I’ve gone several days now without having a conversation, so it was especially nice to chit chat for a while. I’m sure a lucky girl to have the family I do.

So, when I headed to the parks, I went to DisneySea first as I still had some items on my list to do there.  I headed to Mysterious Island, which is a steampunk, Jules Verne area of the park.  The aesthetics here are really cool; you come in through caves and are surrounded by mountains all the way around.  It really does feel like you’re in a different world.  There are two rides here that I wasn’t able to ride on Monday, so I picked up a FastPass for one, and got a return time for the other on my Guest Assistance Card.

I had quite a lot of time before I could come back for the rides, so I went looking for one of the most recommended snacks of the park, a Chandu Tail.  I made my way to the Arabian Cost via the Mermaid Lagoon and found the Tail. It is a bun filled with a cream of chicken filling.  It was interesting… I don’t know if I loved it, but I also couldn’t stop eating it.  There is something about the texture of the soft bun, and the thick filling.  If you come here, give it a try and tell me what you think.

On my way back, I stopped to watch a horn and drum band play a couple of songs. I really enjoyed the Indian Jones theme.  From the reaction of the crowd, I think they also did a comedy bit between songs, but I’m afraid that was a little lost on me. Band 1

Since I still had some time to waste, I headed to a castle that is set against the volcano.  I didn’t realize this area was there before.  It feels a bit out of place.  Looking at the map it is part of the Mediterranean Harbor, but this fortress is not like what I’ve recently seen in the Mediterranean… Although, they did pay a little homage to Leonardo Da Vinci, so that must be the connection.  Mmm… ‘kay.

The first of the rides I got to go on was 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.  On this ride you board a small submarine and dive under the water, probably about 60k miles under the surface I’d guess.  (I literally haven’t seen this movie since I was a fourth grade, so I don’t know how well it matches the story.)  You see a lot of weird marine life, and then are attacked by a giant squid before being saved by… mermaids, I think.  Or possibly aliens. In any case you’re saved and sent back to the surface.  This ride is a lot cooler than my description makes it out to be!  Even though it isn’t a fast ride, it’s just quick enough to ensure that none of my pictures turned out, except for this one of the giant squid eye.Squid eye

After that it was time to ride Journey to the Center of the Earth.  I understand now why this ride always has a really long line.  Its super fun.  You start with a nice slow ride through a crystal cave that would make even the Seven Dwarfs jealous, and then past some subterranean plants.  Then things take a turn, there are underground storms, and a monster that looks like a giant spinal cord with a face that tries to attack you, so you cart takes off!  It probably only goes fast for about 45 seconds, but most of that is in the dark except where you are spit out of the mountain into the open air at the same time the ride takes a big dip.  It was a total blast!

After completing the last few things on my list, it was time to leave DisneySea and head over the Disneyland!  It went in and immediately staked out my spot for the parade.

There are a couple things you should know about the Electrical Parade and me.  First, when I was about six we went to Disneyland, and saw the Parade. For some reason I was crying, and one of the Dwarfs stopped to kiss my hand to make me feel better.  And second, for a couple of years when I was growing up, if you came to our house you were treated to a homemade version of the Main Street Electrical Parade. We had a CD with the song on it, and my brothers and I each had two flashlights with different color filters on them.  We’d lower the lights, turn on the song, and treat our guests to colored lights flashing on the ceiling in time with the music.  It was awesome and everyone loved it!  So, you see, the Electrical Parade is special to me.

So, I found myself happily sitting on cold, hard paving stones in 40-degree weather, taking about a million pictures as a part of my childhood rolled by.  It’s still magical!

After the parade I did a little bit of shopping, and then it was time to head back to the hotel.  I’ve really enjoyed Tokyo Disney, and I’d say that if you’re a Disney fanatic, then coming here should be on your list of must dos! Night castle

Plus, I need to know what you think the Chandu Tail!

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