Good to be back!

Today I checked out of my Airbnb at about 11:00am and took an Uber to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.  And guess who else was checking in… GOOFY!Goofy

Since I arrived so early, my room wasn’t ready, so I had a choice to make.  I could sit around the lobby for over three hours.  Or I could go to Disneyland.  I totally went to Disneyland!  Originally, I hadn’t planned to start using my two-day pass until tomorrow, but once I was here I just couldn’t stay away.

When you walk into this Disneyland, it looks exactly like the Disneyland in California.  And since I grew up going to the California park, seeing this Disneyland really hit me in the nostalgia bone.  It hit me hard, man!  It’s even hot here, so I was all sweaty just like I get in California.  The other international parks I’ve been to don’t have the same entrance, so this just filled me with thrill I remember from going to the park as a kid. Main Street

And they have the whole place decorated for Spring and Easter!

I couldn’t exactly get to the castle to get the classic pic of it, they have area blocked off because they are starting the process of remodeling the entire castle.  They nicely provided us pictures of what the new castle will look like.  I’m little torn on it, actually.  But I guess they want something that can rival the castle at the Shanghai park.

The first thing I did was grab a FastPass for the Iron Man Experience ride.  And then I headed over to Space Mountain.  I ran into a couple guys from California who said that they were so impressed with Space Mountain here and how fast it was.  I don’t know though, I actually felt like my ride was kind of slow.  Don’t get me wrong, it was till massively fun!Space Mountain

After grabbing a quick lunch, I headed over to use my Iron Man FastPass.  Recently the Paris park announced that they would be repurposing Rocking Rollercoaster into an Iron Man ride.  Based on that, I thought this ride would probably be rollercoaster type ride, I was wrong.  Its Star Tours, y’all!  The funniest part of the ride was before it even started, when a middle-aged man kept asking the castmember, “Is it scary?”  Everyone started giggling after he inquired for the third time.  I’m happy to report that after a minute or so he really started to enjoy the ride!

Next, I headed to Mystic Manor.  I have been looking forward to this ride most out of all the rides in all the parks.  I mean, just look at this beautiful, Victorian architecture. Mystic 4

This has been called the Hong Kong version of the Haunted House, and it the only ride that might fit that genre a bit, but really there is nothing haunted about it.  The story behind this one is that an explorer and his trusted monkey sidekick Albert have recently obtained a “cursed” music box.  It has been cursed with the power to make inanimate objects come to life when opened.  Well, Albert is enthralled by it and opens it.  The rest of ride you see everything in the explorer’s massive collection come to life.  Instrument play themselves.  Paintings move.  A cannon tries to shoot you in the face.  Finally, Albert gets the box closed, and all the artifacts become inanimate again.

I love this ride!  It’s cute, and funny, and a little bit scary.  It’s so good, in fact, that I went on it twice in a row.  And I’m gonna go again tomorrow too!

From there I swung by Adventure Land and took a Jungle Cruise. At this one, you get to choose which language you want to hear the presentation in.  I chose English, because that’s the language I speak.  Whereas they do have some of the same elements as the other Jungle Cruises, it isn’t as corny as the other are.  They make some jokes, but their pun game is sad.  They do have a cool bit at the end where the rocks and water catch fire, and fire balls jump up!  But they don’t take you past the back side of water, so it’s probably a wash as to which park has the best Jungle Cruise.

Up next, I caught the Flights of Fancy parade.  It was indeed fanciful!

My last ride was Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.  Now, initially I would have said that this is just a renamed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but that would be wrong.  It’s more like a cousin to Big Thunder than a brother.  It has the same rocking car technology that is used on the Seven Dwarfs Mind ride, which makes the ride super smooth, but it also has a section where you go backwards.  When we started going backwards, I started cracking up!  Since I’m a laugher, not a screamer, when it comes to thrill rides, you know I was having a great time!  I laughed so hard that the people in the car in front of me actually turned around to look at me.  So, it must be a good ride!Grizzly

I decided it was time to head back to the hotel.  I ended up spending about five and half hours in the park today and hit all three rides that the other parks I’ve been to don’t have (Iron Man, Grizzly Mountain, and Mystic Manor). I think today was a great day in a Disney Park!HK Disney Hotel View

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