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There are a couple of perks of staying at a Hong Kong Disney Hotel that you should know about.  First, there is a special security line and entrance lines for hotel guests, which get you through the gates much quicker.  Second, for every night you stay at the hotel you get a special “Priority Pass” that lets you skip the lines FastPass style.  Hong Kong Disney only offers traditional FastPasses on three of its rides, but these tickets are good for five of the most popular rides.Priority

I didn’t end up using any of my passes because the lines here are short enough that there hasn’t really been a need.

I mentioned yesterday that the park is decorated for Spring and Easter.  Besides all the flowers festooning the park, there are also a bunch of large Easter eggs around that are decorated as characters.

My first stop this morning was at the Main Street Bakery for a Winnie the Pooh Bun.  It was pretty much a not too sweet donut covered in white chocolate.  It was really good, but pretty rich so I didn’t quite finish it.Donut

From there I headed into Adventureland!  I took the ferry across the river to visit the island that Tarzan’s tree house is on.  I felt kind of bad for the poor baby elephant that Tarzan must have captured.  Free the pachyderm!

Then I found the coolest vending machine ever.  When you buy a drink the machine chants and water fountains out of the top.Tiki Vending

Up next was a visit to Big Grizzly Mountain!  There was only a five-minute wait on the ride, so I went on it twice in a row with absolutely no regrets.  The whole Grizzly Gulch area is pretty cool!

Then it was back to Mystic Point.  I did go on the ride again, but I also visited the Mystic Garden, which is an area that is set up for people to play with forced perspective.  It’s a pretty entertaining idea and gives people some fun pictures!  (You do need more than one person for the afore mentioned fun pictures, so I wasn’t able to get any shots of me.)

I walked through Toy Story Land; I didn’t go on any rides because they’re geared towards kids.  But I do appreciate the theming!

From there I headed to Fantasyland.  I picked up a pizza at the Royal Banquet Hall, but guys… they put a bunch of 1000 Island dressing on the “Hawaiian” pizza.  Basically, they put mayonnaise on pizza.  NOT COOL!  I just couldn’t eat it.Pizzaish

I also rode The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, which is a pretty popular ride here.  I headed down to the small world area because I heard there was a cart down there that sales Mango Dole Whip!  It was closed, and I was crushed.

I did a quick visit through Tomorrowland, just for fun.

And then headed to Mainstreet for a little bit of shopping, and to get a hot dog.  It was almost 3:00 at this point, and I needed to eat something that wasn’t inappropriately covered in mayo.

From there I headed back to the hotel for a couple hours of rest.  When I headed back to the park it really was for the express purpose of catching the Paint the Night Parade.  But I got back early enough to get a ride in.  I decided that I might as well sandwich my time at Hong Kong Disney so I rode Space Mountain again.  I gotta take back what I said yesterday, today the ride was really fast!  Not sure what made the difference, but I loved it!

I had scouted out the best spot to claim for the parade.  Along main street there are light posts, and if you can get a spot on the curb right in front of the light posts you can lean against it while still sitting comfortably.  I hit the Bakery on the way to claiming my spot and picked up a mango cake dessert to eat while I waited; since I couldn’t get the mango Dole whip, this was the next best thing.Mango

Finally, after over an hour of sitting on that curb the parade came!  It was so cool!  It’s basically the Main Street Electrical parade on steroids.

When the parade was over I had a choice to make.  Move with crowd for the exit, or try and stay where I was sitting to let the crowd pass and possibly be trampled.  Self-preservation won out, so I joined the crowd and exited the park.Crowd

There are a couple rides that Hong Kong Disney is missing, namely Pirate and Peter Pan.  Other than that, I really enjoyed my time here!  The lines have been very short, and it really feels like the Disneyland I grew up with.  Also, Mystic Manor and Grizzly Mountain rate as some of my favorites!

Since I went to the park a day earlier than originally planned, tomorrow will be rest day for me.  Not to mention I have to do laundry for (hopefully) that last time on this trip.  On Thursday, I fly to Shanghai!

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