From Hollywood to a Toy Story

Today’s travel was actually pretty uneventful.  I checked out of the Disney Hollywood hotel, took an Uber to the airport, and got there in plenty of time to check in for my flight.HK Airport

They did have a gate change between when I got my boarding pass and when I got to the gate; but your girl always checks that reader boards before heading to a gate.  You never know when a change like that might happen.

The flight was about two and a half hours. I got through passport control with no issues.  After I picked up my bags and exited customs, I had a little run in with a guy trying to get me to take his taxi service.  He told me that he worked for the airport, even had a badge that said “Airport Staff” and that he could set me up with a car that would take me to the hotel for 200 yuan, the price he said was the same for regular taxi service.  I had to get some cash, and that ended up being my what saved me.  I asked the security guard where the ATM was and he pointed me in the right direction.  You know how you can sometimes ask a question without saying anything?  Well I pointed at the taxi guy, who was now walking in front of me, trying to lead me, and ask “What about this guy?” with my expression, and the security guard looked me straight in the eyes and shook his head “no”.  I had never agreed to use his service, so I ditched the guy.

Once I got my cash, I went to the taxi stand and was on my way.  Oh, and this taxi ride was only 90 yuan.  We did have a little trouble finding the hotel, because it is actually hard to find the address on the internet.  Before I left on the trip I had printed out a map, and picture of the hotel to give a taxi driver, but that didn’t really help.  He headed in the right direction but didn’t know how to actually get to the specific hotel.  Eventually I found the address and directions on my phone, and he used that.  Honestly, when he dropped me off there was a wonderful sense of comradery between us, even though we didn’t speak the same language we had worked together.  It was kinda cool.

I checked in and settled into my room. I’m staying in the Toy Story hotel, and it is SO cute! Toy Story Hotel

They have a lot of really great amenities that I hadn’t thought of before.  Like, in the bathroom they give you laundry soap.  And there’s reusable shopping bag in the closet because I guess they realize that you can always use an extra bag.  And there are several pairs of slippers in the room!Slippers

I went to the market in the hotel and bought some dinner for tonight, and breakfast in the morning.  Now I’m watching Tron Legacy on the hotel TV as a write this.  It’s gonna be a nice evening!

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  1. Emily. I had such fun seeing your photos and reading of your adventures. Hope you are now home safely and enjoying your family who are no doubt breAthing a little easier now that you are home❤️🍷✈️ Jan from the Greece tour

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