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Today was all about the rides!  Shanghai Disney opened just a couple years ago in June of 2016 so it has some of the most state of the art rides.

Shanghai Disney offers something that none of the other parks do called a Disney Premier Pass, which lets you on several rides as if you have FastPasses for each ride.  You can buy them just for the rides you’re most interested in, or you can buy a set that covers all the available rides.  Buying them individually will cost 50 RMB (about $7.90) per person, per ride. The set is will get you onto eight rides and costs 275 RMB (about $43.45). The great thing about these passes is that you don’t have to choose a time you’re going to go on the rides, the pass can be used at any time.  You will need to install the Shanghai Disney app to buy and use the Premier Pass.  All in all, I think it’s a pretty good value!  Then again, I think anything that saves my ankle some walking/standing is a good value.

My first stop was Tomorrowland and the Tron ride.  What a great roller coaster!  Luckily, I had just watched Tron Legacy the other day on hotel’s movie channel.  Its almost like that want you to watch movies that are related to things in the park.

Anyway, on this ride you sit on a light bike, just like you would a motorcycle. There are bars that come up behind your knees, and a back brace hold you down as you lean forward.  And then you’re off!  It is a straight up roller coaster and a total hoot!  Highly recommend!

Next up was Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue.  This is an updated version of Astro Blasters, but so much better!  For one thing, you can see a laser dot of where you’re firing, and it lets you know if you hit your target or not.  Last time I rode a Buzz Lightyear ride in Paris I scored a whopping 13,400.  This time, it was actually impressive; I’m a “Space Ace”, my friends!Buzz 2

Tomorrowland also has the Jetpack ride, which is a classic “go around ride” along the lines of Dumbo, but on this one you sit in a seat instead of in a car of some sort.Jet Packs

On to Fantasyland and one of my very favorite rides, Peter Pan’s Flight!  They did such a good job on this one!  First off, the ships are huge!  You could fit 6-8 people on it, depending on the size of individual derrieres; that means that the line moves much quicker than in other parks.  Also, they have animation that fits seamlessly into the ride!  For instance, when you’re flying over London Peter and Darling children are flying on the wall next to you.  And at the end of the ride, the ship you’re flying in gets sprinkled with fairy dust!  This ride does leave out the mermaids and Tiger Lilly, but it has the classic Hook standing one the mouth of the crocodile scene, so it all works out.Peter Pan

Near Peter Pan is the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto ride.  I didn’t actually go on this ride, but from what I could see, it seems to be a lot like Storybook Canal in California; I think you ride a boat and look at miniature movie settings. Crystal

The other ride a didn’t go on was Honey Pot Spin.  I actually like spinning rides, but they aren’t super fun to go on alone, so I’ve been skipping them.  Really, you want to go on spinning rides with someone who might get a little bit sick from them.  Not a lot sick, just a teeny tiny bit sick. The kind of sick where they need a churro after to settle their stomach.Hunny Spin

My next stop was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It was just like every other version of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  Except the characters speak Chinese.Pooh

From there is was a quick jaunt to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  Still so good!  I still can’t believe how smooth the ride is!Dwarfs

Next up was the ride I have been looking forward to the most: Pirates of the Caribbean- Battle for the Sunken Treasure.Pirates 3

It was AMAZING!  I mean, seriously amazing!  You spend most of the ride underwater as Jack battles Davey Jones, which is a different story from the ride in other parks. They use a combination of projected images and sets to take you through the story. The two scenes shown on imax screens are particularly enthralling!  I literally rode the whole ride with my mouth agape.  It is so beautiful!  If you love the other Pirate rides, then you might want to plan a trip to Shanghai Disney to check this one out, because… WOW!

This area also has the Explorer Canoes, for those times you think, “The 16,500 steps I walked today just weren’t enough exercise. How about a little paddling?”Canoes

The line you see here is not for a ride, like I initially thought.  It is for the food booth that sales turkey legs.  They also have a strict “only two turkey legs per person” rule posted.Turkey

My next ride was Soarin’ Over the Horizon.  I thought it was kinda funny that instead of having the dulcet tones of Patrick Warburton explaining the ride to me, they went full mystic with it.  I don’t know what she was saying, but she was able to magically change herself into a frog.  The ride is exactly the same as other version of Soarin’, except that this one ended with a ride over the buildings of the Pudong New Area, complete with the fireworks.

After that I stopped for snack, and got a corndog.  It was the weirdest corndog I’ve ever had!  The sausage itself was pretty spicy, and I don’t know what the stuff on the outside is, but it had a kind of teriyaki flavor to you it.  Very interesting!Corndog

My final ride of the day was Roaring Rapids.  I saved this one for last because it’s a water ride, and I knew I’d have a chance of getting wet.  I was a little concerned when I saw that everyone going onto the ride had a plastic poncho on but being a born and bread Oregonian I thought I could take whatever came my way!  (Okay, here’s the thing… it was about 49 degrees when I went on this ride, and I happen to know that the park can actually control the water level and how wet you get.  I knew that in weather like this, there would only be a little splashing, I confirmed it by checking out the dampness level of people exiting the ride.)  I only got a little wet on my leg from the fist drop, other than that I was fine, and the ride was so much fun!Rapids

I walked out through the Gardens of Imagination section, and there are actually a couple more rides here as well.  They have the classic Dumbo ride, as well as the Fantasia Carousel.

All in all, I would call this a very successful day at the park!  One more day to go!

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