Summer Rain

This weekend I took my inaugural solo camping trip!  I’ve found that since my great adventure regular life is much more boring then it used to be, so I’ve decided to have some adventures around Oregon this summer!  And I figure the best way to do that is to camp.

I grew up camping with my family, but this is the first time I have camped completely by myself.  I’ve decided that I’ll stay in camp grounds; I feel like that will be safer and easier.  I’ve also decided that I’ll sleep in the back of my tiny car.  I have a 2013 Prius C in the color Summer Rain; she’s called Pricilla and has been a very faithful car!  Knowing myself, I know that when camping alone I’ll sleep better with solid walls around me.  I’ve always been a tent camper and can set up a luxurious tent but setting up a car is a whole new experience!

For this first adventure I decided on a campground that was less than an hour from my job, that way I could just drive out on Friday night, and have plenty of light to set up camp for the first time.Park Sign

I put my gazebo up on the “flat” section of my campsite, don’t adjust your screens folks!  That is the actual angle of the flat area.  Really, this just meant that I had to use cardboard shims under my cooking table to even things out.Gazeebo

It started raining Friday night as I set up and would continue to rain off and on for the rest of the weekend. And I’m talking good ole fashion Oregon, drenching rain!  I even had to up a tarp of the only wall in the gazebo that didn’t have a solid wall added so rain wouldn’t blow in. Rain Face

On Saturday I planned to have a cup of hot cocoa by the fire before making a delicious breakfast of pancakes and turkey bacon.  Then I realized I had forgotten both the syrup for the pancakes and any kind of pot to heat water up in.  So, I ended up with just the bacon.  Not gonna lie, it was pretty darn good!

It was raining when I woke up, so I wasn’t able to make the fire right away.  But after a while there was a long break in the rain, so I cut myself some kindling and made a fire teepee.  (Shout out to Camp Adahi for teaching me the proper way to build a fire; they also taught us how to catch crawdads and eat sour grass, but neither of those come into play this weekend.)  Just as I was about to light my fire it started to rain again!  I was forced to sacrifice my bath towel to cover the wood from the rain.  But it was so worth it, because when the rain stopped again I got the fire going and had a good couple hours of reading time by it.Fire

About this time some kids from another site spotted some slugs near my camp that they found endlessly fascinating.  It was the best!  One kid declared, “They’re migrating! …slowly.”

After a while I headed down to the reservoir.  It was beautiful!  I wanted to rent a boat to tool around for an hour to check it all out, but the cost ended up being a little too steep for one person.  It does make me want to come back with a group for some good summer fun!Resivoir

I headed into the little town of Sandy and to Jonsurd View Point, which is legendary for its view of Mount Hood!  From the map at the view point it looks like the mountain should be straight ahead in this picture.  I bet its beautiful!  I did get to see some pretty flowers though.

Next, I headed to Bi-Mart to get a pot for heating up my dinner soup.  I also found this tiny stock pot!  I guess this is what you use if you need to make Cornish game hen broth.  So cute!Stock Pot

They also had Idaho Spuds which are my mom’s favorite candy bar, they can be hard to find these days, so I was very excited to see them here!Idaho Spud

From there I headed over the Sandy Area Historical Society Museum. It’s a small museum but held a lot of information and artifacts.  I really enjoyed touring around it and would suggest it as a quick stop the next time you’re driving through.  Plus, they have nice clean bathrooms!Historical 1

While I was in the museum it had started to downpour again.  Like, rivers flowing through parking lots, downpour.  I needed a little break from the rain, so I decided to go to a movie.  I ordered a tiny pizza for my snack, and I mean tiny! Its about the size of a bakery cookie; it’s a pizza cookie.  But hey, its two bucks and surprisingly filling!Pizza Cookie

I headed back to camp after that and was surprised to find that it had rained so much that rain had completely soaked through my gazebo and water was dripping on the things inside. I put everything I could into the front seat of my car and after dinner headed into the relative dry comfort of my car.  Truth is, that with this much rain, everything was damp!

It was nice to be in from the rain, and after reading for a while longer I fell asleep.  Going to sleep early also meant that I woke up pretty early in the morning.  I ended up packing my stuff up and heading home pretty quickly, I just kinda needed to be out of the rain. Road Home

The good thing is that I got home in time to watch my little cousin’s high school graduation live stream.  Gotta love technology!Graduation

Currently my house is covered in camping gear that is set up to dry out over the next couple of days.  It’s still raining here, so the gazebo will have to wait another day or so before it can be set up in the yard to dry.  It might have been a wet camping trip, but I learned a lot about the things I need to make a comfortable camp.  Top of my list is a tarp big enough to cover my gazebo!

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