Birthday/Christmas/Disney Mashup (Day 2)

Today we had a goal, to go no 16 rides in honor of Avery’s 16th birthday!  There was only one big obstacle in our way.  Copious amounts of rain.  I had been checking the weather and knew that it was going to rain, so I had gone out and gotten us ponchos.  Unfortunately, we had underestimated California rain; I was expecting a nice warm sprinkle.  We’re from Oregon and can handle some puny California rain!  That was our first mistake.  Our second was not putting the ponchos on before walking to the park, and it really started to pour while we were walking and we ended up pretty wet by the time we got there and finally poncho’d up.

We made quick work of Fantasyland going on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Snow White’s Scary Adventure.

Then we headed to Matterhorn Bobsleds, where I took what is probably my favorite picture from this tip.Bobsled

From there we headed to fulfill my end of the agreement and rode Small World.  It was actually pretty cute to see the place decorated for Christmas.  Something of note, we went on this ride in the late morning, and had virtually no wait.  However, in the evenings the wait can go up to 90 minutes at Christmas time.  They light and decorate the outside of the Small World for the holidays which you can really only appreciate at night, but the ride on the inside stays the same day and night.  So, go on the ride during the day, and enjoy the decorations at night!

Next, we headed into Toon Town to ride Rodger Rabbit’s Spin, and then wait another big burst of rain before the sky finally cleared for a while.  We go some corn dogs as a snack and warmed up in the sun before hopping on a ride that ranks high on all our lists, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

At this point, it hadn’t rained in quite a while, and well, we were getting a little too confident.  Someone in our group, I won’t say who (Jenn) said, “We can’t get much wetter then we already are, why don’t we ride Splash Mountain?” Let me tell you a story… in college my cousin lived in a house with a pool and invited a bunch of us over for a party.  I hadn’t planned on swimming so was in normal street clothes at the party.  But then the pool looked like so much fun a few of us just ended up jumping in fully clothed. That is the same level of wet I was after Splash Mountain!  Not even joking.  We were hit with so much water that I literally had to spit out a mouthful.  Needless to say, this warranted a complete change of clothes.Splash

After getting changed, and feeling human again a quick spin on Pirates of the Caribbean was in order, we caught a bit of the Pirate Band show, and followed it all up with a special birthday lunch at the Blue Bayou.  The atmosphere was amazing, and the food is so good.  And the bread… THE BREAD!  Makes my mouth water a little bit just thinking about the Rosemary bread.  I’m not saying that a couple slices of the bread might have found their way into a baggie in my purse, but stranger things have happened.

We finished up our time in New Orleans Square with a ride on The Haunted Mansion, all dressed up for Christmas with the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay.  And just to finish off that side of the park we went on Winnie the Pooh.Pooh

We stopped by Adventureland for a quick ride on the Jungle Cruise with the most unenthusiastic skipper we’ve ever seen, before heading over to Tomorrowland.Jungle

For our last land of the day we started with Star Tours, and win the battle on Hoth from the last movie, you’re welcome.  Next, we saved the universe from the evil emperor Zurg on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, again… you’re welcome

Needing a little break from the rain we made our way into Star Wars Launch Bay and decided to meet with another hero of the universe Chewy, the greatest Wookie I’ve ever known.Chewy

Our last ride of the evening is one that ranks high on all our lists, Space Mountain!  A thrill ride in the dark with great music to keep you pumped, heck yeah!

And with that we called it a day.  We had accomplished our goal of riding 16 rides in one day.  We were winners!End of Day

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