Birthday/Christmas/Disney Mashup (Day 3)

This day was a Friday, so we went in knowing the crowds would be bigger and the lines longer, but luckily, we had hit most of the rides we had wanted to hit the day before, so today was pretty much gravy.  The one ride we hadn’t gotten to ride was Indiana Jones, because it had been closed for maintenance most of the week.  It was open today and therefore our first stop.  On our way to the ride we saw one Captain Jack Sparrow making his way to New Orleans square, and found the home of Patrick Beggora.Little Man

Waiting in line for Indiana Jones some clapping coming through the exit.  I recognized it from a video my friend had posted about Peter Tu: The Clapping Man of Disneyland, he’s a bit of a Disneyland celebrity.  I started clapping along, and he stopped to do his signature handshake with me along with a “Merry Christmas” and he followed it up by also shaking Jenn’s hand and wishing her a “Happy New Year”.  It was awesome.

Once we were got into the ride Avery was put in the driver’s seat.  She did a good job, still a bumpy ride but we got out alive so that’s what really matters. Indie

We headed over to New Orleans Square for a healthy breakfast of Mickey beignets.Breakfast

After that we hopped the train around the park.  A lot of people skip the train, but I gotta say, it’s pretty great!  You get to see so much of the park, plus the Grand Canyon, and travel back in time.

We checked out the shops in New Orleans Square, and ran into Jack Sparrow yet again; well technically he pumped into Avery.  We took another journey on Pirates of the Caribbean because you kind of have to go on the ride if you’re anywhere near the vicinity.

Avery and Jenn were going through the Sleeping Beauty walk through when the Fairy Godmother showed up, she and Avery had a conversation and got her autograph.  We then went to swing by Snow White’s Grotto, when we ran into The Queen.  She was fantastic and a little scary and totally awesome.Fairy

We headed back to Frtontierland for a ride on Big Thunder.Big Thunder

Then returned to Fantasyland to meet Aurora.  While waiting for Aurora we also got to see Peter Pan, The Mad Hatter, and Mary Poppins with Burt walk by.  Peter even stopped to chat with a little kid who was checking out the ducks.Aurora

To keep our zig zagging of the park going, we headed back to New Orleans Square for lunch at the French Market, then to Main Street to watch the Christmas Parade.  Which is so fun that even Santa shows up.

From there it was back to Tomorrowland for some more Star Tours and another ride on Space Mountain.

We were then on our way to the base of Matterhorn Mountain, hunting for a giant turkey leg when we ran into Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White!  I kept my cool when we saw the first two but when I saw Snow, I totally geeked out.  She’s the greatest.  They had gathered to watch the light and water show that Tinker Bell had put together, and as we were celebrating Avery’s birthday, she got to watch the show with them.  It was Disney Magic at its finest!Princesses

We continued onto Matterhorn to find dinner, a turkey leg for Jenn and a chimichanga for Avery, before stopping at Small World to check out the lights and snow.  Then we headed over to Main Street so I could get my favorite toasted cheese sandwich and tomato soup at Jolly Holiday Café.  I also got a raspberry macron that I shared with Avery because I’m a cool aunt.

While sitting at Jolly Holiday we were joined at our table by a couple of locals who had come to the park after work for a corndog and some fireworks.  Not a bad life!  From our table we watched Wintertime Enchantment, which is a lighting of the winter decoration on the castle.  Plus, it snows in the hub!   We were then in the perfect place to grab a good spot to watch the “Believe in Holiday Magic” fireworks display.  It was beautiful and left someone in our group all kinds of teared up.Fireworks

After that we went on Big Thunder yet again, because it’s super fun to do at night!  As we got off the ride, Avery heard pirate music and took off.  We found her at Rivers of America watching Fantasmic!  We got to catch the last have of the show, and it was a fantasmic, just like they promised.

At this point we were running down on time, so we decided to go on a ride that neither Avery nor Jenn had ever been on, Alice in Wonderland.  And then there was time for only one more thing before the park officially closed, the monorail.  I hadn’t been on it since I was a kid, but it was so great!  And because workers see us and just automatically know that we’re special, they let us ride in the very tail or the monorail, which is almost all windows, so can see so much more.  We even saw a Starbuck that is in the employee only area of the park.  Who knew that was even there?Monorail

The park closed at midnight, and we tried to get some extra pictures as the crowds died down.  We did a little shopping on Main Street, but then, not finding what we needed we headed to Down Town Disney.  Long story short… we found what we needed, walked through the courtyard between the parks with no one else in them, and finally got back to our hotel around 1:30 in the morning, after spending 14.5 hours in the park and going on nine rides.  Last day

It was three amazing days and so much fun!  It was great, and I, for one, cannot wait to go again… in September.Partners

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