Jungle Buggies!

Have you ever had a moment where you’re walking through a crowd of people, you’re covered in mud, rocking helmet hair, bright eyed, and face rosy from the adventure you just had?  Yeah, I love that feeling!


Today we docked in Cozumel and I had to be at the meeting place for today’s excursion by 8:15.   Not gonna lie, after all the walking at the Mayan ruins yesterday, my ankle was A MESS!  She was so mad, and boy was I limping hard core!  I had started walking down the long dock, and I have to admit I was little concerned about making it all the way down the dock in a timely and comfortable manner.  Luckily, one of the drivers of the bicycle taxi saw me walking and was also concerned about it.  He said, “You can’t make it, get on.  Only cost you a tip.”  Dropping a fiver for the guy totally saved me for the rest of the day!The Taxi and the Photographer

My excursion for the day was to be a four-hour tour, ride an ATV buggie to a beach club, enjoy snorkeling and the beach, and drive the buggie back to town.  They did let me know first thing that snorkeling wasn’t going to be allowed on this trip because the weather was too windy and the water was filled with jelly fish.  If it had just been windy, I still would have wanted to snorkel, but when they mentioned the jelly fish… look, if finding Nemo taught us anything, it’s that you just don’t mess with jelly fish!  Well, that and that fish are friends not food.  And that turtles so totally rock!

There was a bit of a walk from the meeting place to the buggies, I was doing my best to keep up with the crowd but inevitably fell behind.  Which for once worked in my favor!  There were 17 of us going on the tour, and there were four people per buggie.  By the time I got there, all the other folks were loaded up so I got a buggie all to myself!  Which means, I got to drive the whole time!IMG_1003

We took off down the main road that runs near the beach and made a quick stop and some fake Mayan ruins.  IMG_1002cFurther down the road we pulled off onto a dirt road and that is where the fun really began.  Now, I’ve been accused of driving my car like it’s a go cart, so this excursion just gave me a chance to embrace my wild driver side.  We got to drive through the jungle, on super bumpy roads, and through some big ole puddles!  It was messy and so much fun!  We even got to see wild boars.  Which I don’t have a picture of, because I couldn’t get my phone out in time.IMG_1004a

We went the aforementioned beach club, which turned out to be a bathroom, a restaurant window, some lockers, a bunch of outside seating, a swimming pool, some hammocks, and the beach.  The area was pretty small, but actually the place was really nice!  If you were going to be in town for a day, and the snorkeling was open, it would be a lovely way to while away a day.

Since we didn’t have the snorkeling, they gave us lunch instead.IMG_1007

After that we took a long ride back to the dock area.  We got to hit even more puddles.  And less you think this wasn’t a wild enough ride allow me to share a couple pictures.  As you can see, in the first picture I have a lovely bandana to protect me from inhaling dust.  This go so soaked with muddy water that I couldn’t breathe through it anymore.  IMG_1004I had to clean my sun glasses several times, just to be able to see through them.  IMG_1006bAnd most impressively, you can see that my backs are completely drenched. IMG_1006c It was great!

On our way back, we got to drive through town a bit more, it was fun to see the back streets of the city, and the area away from the tourist centered area by the docks.  After we dropped off the buggies we had to walk past a crowd of people waiting in line to board some busses so they can probably do something boring like walk through a garden.  But there we were, a group of dirty, happy people making them question their life choices.

I’m actually really glad that I chose this excursion for my ankle too.  Since most of the time we spent just sitting.  But still so much fun!

I did a little souvenir shopping near the port, but ultimately decided to head back to the boat.  IMG_1009Basically, what was left for me to do would be to walk around the area.  Which would have been fun, if I wasn’t already limping so bad.

This evening on the boat was the “Elements” show.  It’s Norwegian’s version Cirque du Soleil, and is so much fun!  I highly recommend seeing it.

They ended the performance with bringing out some of the people working on the ship, including the Captain, and stewards, and chefs, and maintenance.  And they all sing a song welcoming us to the Norwegian family. It’s a great way to end the evening.IMG_1022

The next day was another full day at sea. I spent most of the morning enjoying my balcony and reading.IMG_1014

I went to the art auction (they were giving away free art at the end), but that turned out to be a colossal waste of time.  After an hour and half, with more than another hour to go, I decided to head out.  Even a free gift wasn’t worth 3 hours of sitting inside on a beautiful day.  If you’re not a serious art collector, I wouldn’t bother with this one.

The afternoon was back on the balcony for me, soaking up the sun and watching the ocean roll by.  I watched the sunset over the ocean for the last time this trip.IMG_1023

We were docked in Miami when I woke up the next day, and the rest of my day was spent traveling home. IMG_7819

All in all, a cruise is a great vacation! There is always something to do on the ship, if you want to stay busy.  Or you can just hang out on your own, and enjoy the ocean, that’s fine too!  With Norwegian, there are great dining options, and you don’t even have to dress up.  Just go as you are.  And if you wake up at 3:00am and need a Chicago style hot dog, well they got your covered!  I think one problem with the food is that you come away expecting every meal to have three courses and end with an amazing dessert.

I had a great time on my spontaneous vacation!  And I’m looking forward to planning my next trip!

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