Hi, and thanks for checking out my site!  My name is Emily and I’m a full-grown-adult-human-person who decided to visit all the Disney Parks in the world over 75 days starting in January 2018.   This website will chronicle my adventures, have some information about the places being visited, and hopefully some helpful tips.

I worked for a great company in Portland for 16 years that recently dissolved.  When it came time to decide what my next step would be I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and start something new.  I’ve had the travel bug since I was a kid and whereas I have traveled some, this is my chance to truly embrace the adventures this world has for us.

The bum that travels with me

I have myself a bum ankle.  Over a decade ago I was in a car accident and completely destroyed the joint in my right ankle.  I managed to tear every ligament in the ankle along with getting a compound fracture of the talus bone; I actually got really close to losing the foot all together.

I got to keep my foot, but I also gained chronic pain, decreased joint flexibility and a nice little limp.  It changes the way I approach things, and the number of things I might be able to do a day.  It definitely slows me down, but I won’t let it stop me.

Thanks again for taking the time to stop by!  Check out my YouTube channel for videos and Instagram for pictures as I go.

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